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Female Excellence | Internship | Eva-Maria Besserer


Published: September 23, 2021

“At zeb, surprises instead of boring tasks and learning curves instead of routines are the order of the day.”


What hashtag would you use to describe your work at zeb?


What did you appreciate most during your internship? 

Most of all, I appreciated the confidence that was placed in me and the significant degree of responsibility assigned to me. Both clients and zeb staff did not treat me as a mere intern, but as a full-fledged team member. The same attention and consideration was given to my opinions and ideas as to those of my colleagues. Especially for this reason, I was able to learn a great deal during my internship.

What was your (typical) day like?

A typical day? That’s the great thing about zeb: there is no typical day – neither when visiting a client, nor when working on internal topics. I dealt with new topics and challenges every day, and every evening I was surprised at how many new things I had learned that day. At zeb, surprises instead of boring tasks and learning curves instead of routines are the order of the day.

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

The atmosphere at zeb is very friendly, cooperative, and down-to-earth. Across all career levels and projects, there was a lively exchange independently of position, gender, or any other characteristic. What I really loved: despite a busy working life, each consultant always lent an ear if I needed help or advice.

Tips for future interns: what traits are important for an intern at zeb?

Definitely a lot of curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm in different topics. You should show a great deal of personal initiative. And you should not be afraid of openly expressing your opinions, of presenting your reasons, and of voicing them confidently in front of male colleagues, regardless of whether they are Consultants or Managers.

What was it like to work as a female intern in a male dominated area?

My gender was of no importance in my daily work. I never felt that I was at a disadvantage in my work or received preferential treatment because of my gender. On the contrary, I had the impression that my male colleagues were happy to have a woman on their team – true to the motto: “more diversity means more diverse ideas and better results for the team.”

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