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We think it’s time to start our “new normal”. This means, our recruiting processes will no longer be offered exclusively remotely, but also in hybrid form. From now on, you have the choice whether you want to conduct your interviews in (partial) presence at one of our zeb locations or virtually.

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“Regardless of whether you are an intern, consultant, or manager – your personal opinion is always appreciated."



Release date: 18.11.2021

“Regardless of whether you are an intern, consultant, or manager – your personal opinion is always appreciated, listened to, and discussed.”

You are interested in IT and would like to work as a consultant? Patricia tells us about her projects and the team spirit that she experienced during her internship in IT consulting at zeb. In addition, she will reveal some useful tips for your application.

What hashtag would you use to describe your internship at zeb?


What did you appreciate most about your internship?

The variety of my tasks and my colleagues. During my internship, I worked in the IT Consulting area. My tasks allowed me to explore topics in-depth, and they were never boring. At all times, I could rely on the support of my colleagues. 

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

Productive and friendly. In my opinion, zeb is distinguished by the talented and motivated people who work here and fulfill their responsibilities individually and conscientiously. But everyone always keeps the team in mind. In addition to many get-togethers (lunch, after-work beers, etc.), I could always count on my colleagues’ help when I had any questions or problems.

What surprised you most about zeb? 

I was an equal member of the team right from my first day. Officially, there are titles and hierarchies at zeb, but they don’t matter in discussions. Regardless of whether you are an intern, consultant, or manager – your personal opinion is always appreciated, listened to, and discussed. Many different perspectives are carefully considered and therefore decisions are very well-balanced. 

What was your application process like? 

The application process at zeb was fast and trouble-free. After I had submitted my application, the HR department contacted me within two weeks to arrange an interview which was divided into two parts. First, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to the relevant (Senior) Consultant, and then I had to solve a case study. Two days after the interview, zeb contacted me in order to give me a positive response and to discuss the final details. I was especially struck by the fact that every single conversation during the application process was very warm and welcoming. 

Tips for future interns: what traits are important for an intern at zeb?

Self-confidence! Nobody expects an intern to know everything. It is important to have enough self-confidence to admit if you don’t understand something – and to know that you can nevertheless do a good job. If you communicate frankly that you have questions and require help, uncertainties can be resolved right from the start and tasks can be carried out both more successfully and more efficiently. 


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