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Testimonial Dominik Kleine

Hashtagbild Erfahrungsbericht Dominik Kleine

release date 06.05.2021

“I find the culture at zeb very pleasant. Being on a first-name basis within the company immediately creates a sense of community.” 

Dominik has been part of the zeb family since 2013 and works as a Manager in the Software Development department. Read here what he particularly likes about his work and what surprised him most about zeb.

What tasks do you fulfill in your role as Manager? 

I mostly work as a developer, but even at an early stage of my employment at zeb I was able to take on responsibility for student employees. Currently, I run a mixed project team of external and internal employees and spend less time on software development; instead I focus more on requirements and implementation sketches. This entails a lot of communication with the team and the client.

What do you like most about your job? 

I am given free rein to try out very many tasks and roles. It is fun to discuss problems and possible solutions with other (also external) colleagues and clients and to experience how this results in a better system. Having said that, I occasionally dive deep into implementation topics for a few days and am happy to find runtime improvements in performance analyses or simply implement a topic myself. The mix of both technical and organizational tasks as well as responsibility is what currently suits me very well. In addition, flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home make it easy to combine work at zeb with family life.

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?  

I find the culture at zeb very pleasant. Being on a first-name basis within the company immediately creates a sense of community, even when a project team whose members previously did not know each other meets for the first time by phone or in person. Hierarchies do exist, but they are much less pronounced than in many other companies, and the motto “reasoning beats hierarchy” really holds true. 

What surprised you most about zeb? 

From an external perspective, I would never have imagined just how many technical topics and specialist fields zeb has to offer. During my job interview, I was therefore all the more surprised to learn about the exciting current technical topics that are put into practice at zeb. In fact, zeb has a very high level of technical expertise in addition to its specialist business knowledge. Along with developing long-lasting software as a product, zeb allows you to experience and participate in shaping current cloud topics and to work on ever-changing tasks in the project business.

Which hashtag would you use to describe your tasks as a Manager at zeb? 

#software architect 

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