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Testimonial Sarah Winkler

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release date: 21.04.2021

“What I appreciate most about zeb is the great trust that is placed in my work.”

Sarah has been working at zeb in internal communications since the end of 2019. Here, she shares her experiences from her application process and tells us why she chose zeb.

What made you decide to work for zeb? 

In my job interview I got an honest picture of what my job could look like and what my tasks would be: there was nothing about the job profile that I didn’t like. After a very intense job interview, I was quite exhausted, but I immediately had a good feeling and knew: if zeb wants to hire me, I’ll say yes! The great atmosphere, the friendly tone and of course the captivatingly beautiful view of Münster from the tower made the decision easy for me. 

What was your application process like? 

What struck me most was the quick response to my application. In two separate blocks of my job interview, I first got to know two colleagues from the recruiting department and then two colleagues from my team. Both conversations were extremely fair at all times: demanding, but fair. They weren’t about unsettling me, but about finding out in an honest way whether this was a good match—for zeb, but also for me. 

What do you appreciate about working at zeb? 

What I appreciate most about zeb is the great trust that is placed in me and my work and also the wide variety of my tasks. Of course there are some chores, but I can always get involved in projects that I find exciting and that I want to drive forward as part of the team. Apart from that, the flexible working hours allow me to structure my day well. If you want to achieve something at zeb, the doors are wide open.

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