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We think it’s time to start our “new normal”. This means, our recruiting processes will no longer be offered exclusively remotely, but also in hybrid form. From now on, you have the choice whether you want to conduct your interviews in (partial) presence at one of our zeb locations or virtually.

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"zeb creates a working atmosphere that masters the balancing act between challenging and promoting its employees."

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Published: August 20, 2021

"zeb creates a working atmosphere that perfectly masters the balancing act between challenging and promoting its employees. "

Julian joined our zeb.bachelor.welcome program in 2016 as an analyst. In his testimonial, he tells us about his career path and why he decided to join zeb. 

How did you learn about zeb?

During my bachelor’s degree program, I was looking for an intern position abroad. A fellow student had done an internship at zeb in Vienna shortly before and more or less urged me in several conversations to apply there. He emphasized the opportunity to enhance my banking knowledge, but above all, he was very enthusiastic about the positive corporate culture. After ten weeks of internship in Vienna I could definitely confirm these impressions!

What did you do before joining zeb?

Having enjoyed such a positive experience with my internship at zeb, I completed my bachelor’s degree and then decided to join the zeb.bachelor.welcome program. It offered me the opportunity to gain one year of work experience as an analyst. I learned a lot during that year, and I was able to use the impressions I gained for choosing the major focus of the Master’s program, which is part of the bachelor.welcome program. Following my Master’s degree, I returned to zeb as a consultant. 

Why did you decide to start your career at zeb?

This is largely due to the positive impressions from the internship, they made me want to become part of zeb. I saw a great opportunity to develop both professionally and personally in an interesting industry. What’s more, the atmosphere at zeb is very special and, in retrospect, was probably the decisive factor for my joining the company.

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

Many terms come to mind: friendly, open-minded, enthusiastic, demanding, motivating, challenging, companionable and cooperative. Or, to put it another way: zeb creates a working atmosphere that perfectly masters the balancing act between challenging and promoting its employees.

What have you learned at zeb so far?

There are countless experiences and insights that I have been able to gain during my time at zeb so far. Listing them all would go far beyond the scope of this testimonial. That’s why I would like to briefly describe those that are most important to me right now:

  • You never stop learning: Questioning oneself every day and acquiring new knowledge often gets lost in the shuffle of daily routines, but it is crucial for our personal development.
  • Companies are complex social structures: The human factor is decisive for the success or failure of a company. Consequently, it is essential to cater to the employees’ needs.
  • Love the process and not the result: To stand your ground in an intense professional environment like the consulting industry, the most important thing is to like your job in general. Great hotels and 1st class traveling are exciting at first, but quickly lose their appeal.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our Talent Attraction Team. You can find the right contact person here.