An introduction to consulting

A look behind the scenes 

Every company is structured differently. Here are some insights into the units that zeb is organized into within consulting and what is behind the terms Practice Group and Skill Base.

Practice Group


With specific expertise, the members of a Practice Group jointly develop strategies and individual solutions for our clients—innovative and knowledgeable.    

Practice Groups serve to build up in-depth specialist know-how and thus provide further training for all employees. They are clusters relating to special topics within their discipline. The clusters conduct studies and produce publications, among other things. This is where knowledge is generated and transformed into added value for all client segments.  

Examples of Practice Groups: Accounting, Data Management, Digital Financial Services, Operational Excellence, Credit Processes, Governance, IT Strategy, IT Systems Integration, Risk and Compliance, Regulatory Management, Merger and Integration Management, Payments, Regulatory Reporting, Risk Management, Sales Training, Software Solutions, Treasury and Asset Liability Management. 


In Practice Groups, all members work together intensively, support each other and form a strong content-driven team.  

This applies both to projects and to the joint development of topics. Here ideas are exchanged and consolidated, and implementation-oriented solutions are sought and found together. Regular exchange of information is essential for the Practice Group’s work to progress. Modern tools and databases provide support, but do not replace meeting in person. In general, Practice Group meetings are held once a quarter and prepared by a small team. In addition to the intensive exchange of information on recent topics, networking and enjoyment are not neglected either.

Freedom of choice

Consultants decide for themselves in which Practice Group they work—regardless of their office location.  

The decisive criterion is being interested and having expertise in the respective topic of the Practice Group. When you start working at zeb, a manager first assigns you to a Practice Group on the basis of your professional focus and the interest expressed. You can change your Practice Group at any time and without fuss.  

Practice Groups operate independently of location and are composed of people assigned to different locations—also internationally.



Skill Base

Project staffing

A Skill Base is an organizational unit which oversees the staffing of projects.   

At zeb, most consultants are assigned to the Skill Base “Strategy & Management Consulting”. It covers a wide range of management consulting expertise. In addition, there are the two Skill Bases “IT-Systems Integration” and “Software Solutions”, which are responsible for system integration and software development, respectively.  

All relevant information about the skills, availability, interests and wishes of employees converge in Skill Base Management. Working closely with the Practice Groups, the Skill Bases ensure that the most suitable people are staffed on the respective projects.


Consulting approach

zeb is a management consultancy focusing on the financial sector.   

We advise and support banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers such as fintech and insurtech companies in various transformation processes. Our goal is to improve their competitiveness and profitability and to promote sustainable business models.  

Financial institutions are facing major challenges today. Technological change is putting the industry under pressure. Regulatory authorities are increasing their control and complex IT landscapes are significant cost drivers. In this environment, some institutions are able to increase their earnings, while others are not.  

We provide consulting along the entire value chain. The top priority is to ensure the long-term viability of the financial institutions.


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