Our specialist departments

In our corporate functions you can bring your strengths to bear, learn a great deal and develop your skills. Here you can get an overview of our departments.  

Assistant Services

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Our Assistant Services fulfill important tasks at the interface between the consultant teams and our clients. The assistants work closely with one or more Partners. They ensure smooth processes and are responsible for scheduling appointments, planning business trips and providing support in day-to-day business. In addition to these tasks, our assistants often also take care of the front desk, welcoming and looking after our clients at the office locations. They have a lot of responsibility and make important decisions autonomously. Organizational talent and service orientation are their hallmarks.


Desk Research

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Our Desk Research colleagues collect information about the world of financial services. They conduct market research and analyze all relevant information from databases, trade journals and publications. In addition, they provide support for market analyses and thus supply all of zeb with relevant and up-to-date information.


Finance & Accounting

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Our Finance & Accounting team is responsible for all financial matters of the company. The team members can be contacted by internal and external stakeholders and ensure that important information on financial transactions is always available. There are experts in the fields of tax, bookkeeping, accounting and many more. 


Graphics & Design

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Creativity and artistic talent are the hallmarks of our colleagues from the graphics and design team. They ensure the visual appeal of all internal and external publications, thus creating effective and memorable messages. Specifically, they create and edit studies, advertisements, presentations, give-aways or images for the zeb website and our social media channels. They are involved in many projects, help to present ideas in the most appropriate way, and coordinate and manage external service providers. The team relies on a wide range of expertise: from graphic designers to digital designers, many talents can be found here.


Human Resources & Recruiting

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The success of our company is based above all on the people who work for us. Therefore, our Human Resources and Recruiting colleagues play an important role. They find potential employees, select them and take care of their recruitment. Development and fostering is also in their hands. Their tasks are highly varied, ranging from employer branding, active sourcing, applicant management and selection to onboarding, support, development, payroll and personnel controlling. We have experts working in all subject areas of our department. They have excellent communication skills and a high degree of reliability and flexibility. 


Language Services

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True to their name, language is the passion of our colleagues from Language Services. They proofread and translate all external and internal publications such as annual reports, journalistic articles or studies. They not only focus on the readability of the content, but also on the style of the texts, which they optimize, for example, by using alternative expressions. Great linguistic style and excellent command of several languages characterize our Language team.


Marketing & Communications

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This is where our communication and marketing experts work on our company’s external image. They supervise complex communication processes and develop (PR) measures to shape our external communication. They are also responsible for coordinating all zeb publications and studies. Internal communication is also planned, managed and organized here.


Office Services

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At our numerous locations, the Office Services team ensures optimal conditions for our employees and clients. They are the contacts for all topics concerning our offices. At the front desk, they welcome and look after our guests and lend zeb their friendly voices on the phone. They also take care of the mail, manage office supplies and are available for deliveries and repair requests.



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Our IT colleagues make sure that all the available technology runs smoothly. They look after the hardware and software of all employees and are available to answer questions and solve problems. They ensure the implementation of technical innovations and are responsible for topics such as IT controlling, IT security, IT governance and compliance management.

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