Update on the coronavirus: interviews and events are still digital

As a result of the current corona crisis, we have completely switched our recruiting processes and career events to digital formats and thus remain in contact with you without unnecessary risks. Find suitable jobs or an exciting event and apply online. We wish everyone good health and optimism!

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Werde zeb.Talent - Unser Praktikantenförderprogramm im Überblick

zeb.talents program

Making a special effort during your internship at zeb pays off. Because anyone who completes a very good internship with us is invited to join the zeb.talents program. 

Your benefits


Regular contact with zeb during your further studies. This allows us to keep each other informed.   


Professional exchange, networking and a whole lot of fun at exciting events.


Interesting news about current topics from the world of zeb.

Application process

Shortened application process if you want to join zeb after completing your studies.

Testimonial by Lukas Genßler

How did you get into the zeb.talents program? 

The work I did during my internship was regarded very highly so I was invited into the program. Obviously, that was an offer I didn’t refuse.

Lukas | Consulting | former Intern
Testimonial by Lukas Genßler

What were the benefits of taking part in the zeb.talents program? 

I was invited to special events and could also take part in some cool recruiting events.

Lukas | Consulting | former Intern
Testimonial by Lukas Genßler

What events did you take part in during your time as zeb.talent? 

There was a workshop in the Frankfurt office especially for zeb.talents which was followed by a fun event—in my case, it was stand-up paddling on the river Main - and we all went out together afterwards ;-).

Lukas | Consulting | former Intern
Testimonial by Lukas Genßler

What did you like most about the zeb.talents program? 

It allowed me to keep in touch with zeb.

Lukas | Consulting | former Intern
Testimonial by Lukas Genßler

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb? 

Very collegial and friendly.

Lukas | Consulting | former Intern
Gruppenfoto der Teilnehmenden des im März 2022 stattgefundenen Talents-Events.
zeb.talents-Event in Frankfurt
In March 2022, our zeb.talents & campus scouts event took place in Frankfurt. Over the course of two days, the participants were given many different insights into zeb. Networking also played an important role both during a rally through Frankfurt’s city center and at a joint dinner. It was great that after such a long time face-to-face conversations were finally possible again!
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