Bewerben bei zeb: Tipps

Tips for your application

If you are currently going through the application phase and regard zeb as an interesting employer, you surely have many questions: How should I structure my resume? How do I write a good cover letter? How do I behave in a job interview? Our Talent Attraction team has taken these questions as a prompt to put together a few dos and don’ts: 

Dos: Before your application
  • Spend some time on thorough research and develop a clear idea of the future job and which aspects are particularly important to you. 

Dos: Your documents 
  • Write a letter of motivation explaining why you are enthusiastic about consulting in the financial sector and what contribution you are willing and able to make. 

  • Submit your certificates and references, making sure that you include all work references and your academic degree certificate. Your school leaving certificate is also one of the relevant documents. 

  • When applying for an internship, please state the period of time you are available. 

  • A structured resume, adapted to the position’s requirements, is the key! All relevant information should be available at a glance, i.e. on one page 

Dos: Your interview
  • Be authentic, honest and yourself.  

  • Prepare for case interviews where you can show your problem-solving skills. 

  • Answer the questions you are asked as precisely and well-structured as possible. 

  • Think about what you want to know from the people you are talking to, because at the end of the interview it is your turn to ask your questions. 

Don'ts: Before your application
  • Without an honest analysis of whether the position really fits with your own abilities and interests, you should not begin the application process. 



    Don'ts: Your documents
    • Avoid exaggerations and complicated, long-winded sentences in your cover letter. 

    • Without a clear structure, your resume will not fulfill its purpose of providing a systematic overview. 

    • Don’t exaggerate your abilities in your cover letter, but rather convey an authentic picture of yourself. 

    • Avoid mistakes in your cover letter and resume. They suggest that you lack care.

    Don'ts: Your interview
    • “Buzzword bingo” with no underlying deeper substance does not go down well and in most cases the experts will expose it straight away. 

    • Avoid arithmetical errors when working on the case and double check your calculations before presenting a wrong result. 

    • If you do not stand by your development potential, you can appear unreflective and lacking in credibility. 

    • Even if you have already clarified a lot during the interview, it might seem disinterested or lacking in motivation if you do not ask your interviewer(s) any questions.

    With these tips from our Talent Attraction specialists you should now be well prepared for our application process. We look forward to your application. Show us what you’re made of! 

    Any questions?

    Do you still have questions about our tips? Then please contact our Talent Attraction team. You can find the right contact person here.