Ein Mitarbeiter von zeb steht mit einem Stift an einer Tafel. In der linken Hand hält er Karteikarten.
Ein Mitarbeiter von zeb steht mit einem Stift an einer Tafel. In der linken Hand hält er Karteikarten.

Permanent positions in consulting

From university into the real world of business. Theory is at its best when you can put it into practice after your own Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. zeb offers graduates with an interest in consulting various options to do so: either become part of our Bachelor Welcome Program as an Analyst or join us after your Master’s degree. We offer you the ideal start to your career after you have finished your studies.

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Joining us with a Bachelor’s degree

Want to get some practical experience after your Bachelor’s degree? Then get going with us as an Analyst.

Joining us with a Master’s degree

Start your career as a Consultant after finishing your Master’s.

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zeb culture: #ShapeSpaces - your frame of mind sets the framework
#ShapeSpaces - our culture

Would you like to learn more about our culture? Then find out more about our values here.


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Application process

Take your first step and learn how the application process at zeb works. 

Zwei Eventteilnehmerinnen sitzen nebeneinander auf einem Event. Die linke Teilnehmerinnen trägt ein Namensschild.

Get to know us at an event. 

zeb career blog: Articles and testimonials at a glance

Find out more about our employees and the work we do.

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