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Eine Aufschrift auf einfarbigen Grund mit der Schrift "Career Tips - Requirements".
Eine Aufschrift auf einfarbigen Grund mit der Schrift "Career Tips - Requirements".
Your job application – are we a match?
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A successful application process begins even before the actual application. First, you should find out what you enjoy most and be fully aware of your skills and interests. Only when you know these things, can you find a profession that fulfills you and consequently enjoy your work. 

So ask yourself what kind of company and industry you wish to work in. What benefits and values are essential to you? And which tasks do you like? Once you have answered these questions, you can search specifically for suitable job offers. Remember: there is no profession that exclusively involves exciting and great tasks. But some jobs get very close to this ideal. 

Have you found job vacancies that interest you? Great! Take a closer look at the companies that are offering these jobs in the next step. To get a first impression of the way a company works, of its daily routine or its culture, you can read articles on its career website, learn about it through its blog posts, watch videos or look at the comments on rating platforms. This can help you decide if the company is a good fit for you. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing or Instagram can additionally provide "everyday" insights into a company. Perhaps the company even has a TikTok or YouTube channel? You can, of course, also attend events organized by the company either at universities or online. You’re sure to find information about events on their career website.  

Tip: write down any questions that came up during your research. You can then ask them in the interview to score extra points!  

Important: you don't have to meet every single requirement listed in the job ad 100 %. However, your skills should generally match the position. What is most important is that you feel you can identify with the job ad. 

Now that you know which employer and job you wish to apply for, take the next step and write your CV. 

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