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Female Excellence

We are committed to a future in which everyone is equally supported – regardless of gender, religion, origin or other characteristics. This is why we want to increase the proportion of women in the (currently) male-dominated consulting industry for financial services. Our Female Excellence initiative supports our female consultants on their individual career paths – and is always on the lookout for new talents! Join us in shaping the financial services industry of tomorrow – what are your plans for the future? 

Our offer

  • Our internal network: Internal network for all female zeb consultants
  • Focus on mutual support, mentoring and specialist discussions
  • Regular meetings during the year – always on different topics
  • Workshops and a special seminar offer for female consultants
  • Get insights into our network meetings further down on the page 
zeb.great women
  • Exchange of ideas at management level: External female network for female board members and executives 
  • Professional and personal exchange between successful women – interdisciplinary and across companies
  • Annual meeting with discussions, cultural program and an evening for networking
Female Buddy program
  • Starting a new job made easy: Personal Female Buddy to answer questions about starting a job
  • First contact is established even before the first working day
  • Contact details of the Female Buddy are communicated with the contract
Work-life choice

Reconciling career and family life? Obviously, this topic is not only relevant for our Female Excellence network! In fact, it is a challenge that concerns many of our colleagues, both male and female – especially when they are thinking of starting their own families. 

  • Our workingparents@zeb network gives you the opportunity to network with other working moms and dads, to exchange ideas and to jointly find solutions. 
  • You can also flexibly adapt your working model with us: from part-time models and working from home to sabbaticals and unpaid leave, there are many options for creating your individual work-life balance. See our benefits page for more information.

Get to know us!

Female Excellence 

Learn more about our woman power and our Female Excellence network. These videos feature our female consultants talking about their experiences and what they value about working at zeb.

See for yourself and check out the videos now!

Added value


What is the added value of internal networks? They allow people to exchange experiences, provide mutual support, celebrate joint successes and much more. Within our women@zeb network, Sandra supports other female colleagues on their career paths. As a successful Manager with children she acts as a role model for others.



From the moment you receive your contract documents, our Buddy Program places a female colleague at your side, who supports you in onboarding and provides you with helpful background information.



women@zeb creates a special framework for internal networking with other female consultants and offers you a platform to intensively exchange expertise and experience.

Stay and grow

In addition to our important internal network, zeb supports your further career steps with selected development programs. The initiative IWiL offers you the opportunity to network beyond our company and get to know various female leaders. As part of the program, you can exchange ideas with successful women from other companies and build valuable contacts.

IWiL: Initiative Women into Leadership

The “Initiative Women into Leadership” (IWiL) offers our top female consultants the opportunity to network outside zeb. The initiative aims to promote talent development across companies, one to two levels below top management, and to provide strategic support to female executives beyond company boundaries. By engaging outstanding female mentors from academia, society and business, we create visibility for our talented female consultants who are supported as mentees at IWiL. Click here to find out more.

A long-term career at zeb is important to us. We are also working on topics such as equal opportunities and the further development of various diversity dimensions at zeb in order to be able to offer individual options. The women@zeb network had the exclusive opportunity to take part in discussions on these important topics at the last Partner Meeting of the year.
Sandra, Yola and Maira reported on the current status of target achievement and presented ongoing projects. It is gratifying to see that the efforts of the Female Recruiting team in particular have paid off and that we have been able to attract more female newcomers to zeb as an employer than ever before. Among other things, various offers specifically for female consultants such as the women@zeb network meetings, a female buddy program, Q&A sessions with female managers and a virtual community for mutual support have contributed to this success. Looking ahead to 2024, the goals for the coming year were discussed. We look forward to implementing further ideas from our Partners and to working together to promote diversity at zeb. #stayandgrow

Testimonial | Female Excellence
What makes working at zeb special for you?
"Reasoning is key—it’s not about where you come from, what position you are in or what background you have!"
Marion Pfaller | Senior Manager
Testimonial | Female Excellence
What makes working at zeb special for you?
"Content over hierarchy—every idea is listened to regardless of your hierarchy level. " 
Franziska Händel | Manager
Testimonial | Female Excellence
What makes working at zeb special for you?
“The working atmosphere at zeb is warm and pleasant.“
Jil Birgel | Senior Consultant
Erfahrungsbericht Quinh Ngo Foto mit Hashtag
Testimonial | Female Excellence
How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?
"Relaxed, family-like, open and friendly."
Quynh Ngo | Manager
Testimonial | Female Excellence
What makes working at zeb special for you?
„The overall mindset is to support you, whatever your aspirations.“
Kerttu Alpass | Senior Manager

women@zeb network meeting 

Our internal women@zeb network promotes the exchange of ideas and experiences with each other. We meet several times a year to listen to and discuss exciting internal and external key notes on various topics.
To promote exchange – especially in challenging times – we have developed new digital formats in 2020/2021. One of these is the Leadership@Lunch format. You can find more details below. 

Vortrag beim Netzwerktreffen von women@zeb
Networking women@zeb | summer 2023
The power of networking: that was the theme of the women@zeb initiative’s networking event, which took place in Frankfurt. The event started with a joint dinner and continued the next day with exciting presentations on the topic of networking. The event was rounded off by an interactive workshop with Burcu Arslan from the women’s business network nushu. Interesting input, numerous conversations and a record-breaking number of participants – the women@zeb meeting was once again hugely successful!
Im Vordergrund wird ein Blatt Papier mit der Aufschrift "I am remarkable" hochgehalten. Im Hintergrund arbeiten mehrere Beraterinnen an Tischen.
Networking women@zeb | spring 2023
#Iamremarkable: For the first time this year, we organized a meeting of our internal network women@zeb in Münster. Our female colleagues traveled from our various European locations to network and share experiences and ideas. The event was all about female empowerment: over the course of the afternoon, our colleagues addressed topics such as leadership behavior, hacks for their careers, and their own visibility. Leadership expert Anke Walossek gave an exciting talk entitled “Think manager – think (fe)male – Are women the better managers?”, and in the workshop “#I am remarkable” our colleagues reflected on their personal strengths.
Die Kolleginnen spielen ein Teambuilding-Spiel und halten dafür ein Maßband hoch.
Networking women@zeb | winter 2022
Teambuilding & challenges in Münster: The last networking event of the women@zeb initiative in 2022 took place in Münster. The PULS location, which was chosen for the event, is characterized by its industrial charm. In this atmosphere, Annegret Saxe, deputy member of the board of Sparkasse Münsterland Ost, started off by giving a guest lecture in which she addressed the question: “How can we make ESG come true?”. Besides a pitch duel and some team challenges organized by Strong Partners, the focus was on networking. The evening was rounded off with delicious catering by Al Hayatt and refreshing drinks – and whoever wanted to could stay and continue partying at PULS even after the event ended. 
Eine große Gruppe von zeb-Mitarbeiterinnen steht zusammen und unterhält sich.
Network meeting women@zeb | June 2022
“For a woman, you’re already doing a pretty good job” – in order to quickly find a fitting response to inappropriate comments, we worked on our power of speech as part of the last women@zeb network meeting. On June 29, about 50 female consultants convened for this purpose. First, Mariesa, Melanie and Yola gave them theoretical input on rhetorical strategies, and then they tried out these tips in an interactive exercise. The day ended with a delicious bowl-meal and many exciting conversations on the roof terrace of POHA House Münster.
Networking women@zeb | October 2021
How the right question can be a game changer: At our women@zeb fall event, our female colleagues met in Hamburg for a hybrid reunion. During an exciting workshop, Stefanie, Lisa, Lena and Susanne demonstrated how the right and targeted question can steer conversations in new directions. The event was followed by a lunch where there was plenty of time to talk to each other in person, which we sorely missed last year – therefore, we are already very much looking forward to next time!
Networking women@zeb | summer 2021
Women@zeb – multifaceted diversity: this summer, our women@zeb initiative met with Dr. Emilia Roig to learn more about the many facets of diversity. To conclude the meeting, the participants took part in a sundowner yoga session to remind themselves of the importance of carving out personal time. 
We thank Ms. Roig and look forward to the next event!
Networking Leadership@Lunch | May 2021
Role models and networking: at the most recent digital Leadership@Lunch, Isabel Tufet Bayona, CEO of Santander Consumer Operations Services, gave us exciting and honest insights into her career path, inspiring many of our colleagues. 
We thank Ms. Tufet Bayona and look forward to the next event!
Networking Leadership@Lunch | January 2021
Learning from and with female role models: Our new digital format Leadership@Lunch is aimed at all colleagues who want to learn from female role models and broaden their horizons. We meet in a relaxed atmosphere, as if for a lunch date, and on each occasion a different female expert reports on her career path. At the end of each meeting, there is plenty of time to share personal experiences and answer questions. 

Insights into our recruiting events

We are always scouting for new female talents who will reinforce and boost the zeb team with their skills. To this end, we put in a great deal of effort: we regularly take part in different career events such as trade fairs or brunch meetings and thus continually get to know talented women with exciting personalities. In addition, we organize events to provide you with insights into our corporate culture and various specialist topics: whether we are holding virtual coffee breaks, discussions or networking sessions, our goal is to stage varied events and promote diversity.  

Take a look here to get an impression of our recruiting events: 

Drei Mitarbeiterinnen stehen an einem Messestand. Im Hintergrund sind ein Plakat und ein Aufsteller von zeb zu sehen. Eine der Frauen hält den Daumen hoch.
Trade fair in Munich
herCAREER | the platform for women's careers: this year, we once again had a booth at the herCAREER trade fair. We brought a stand-up display and some goodies and got to know many friendly and interested visitors over the course of two days. In addition to visiting our booth, people had the opportunity to join a meet-up with our consultant Sandra, where she discussed the differences between short- and long-term career paths in the consulting industry. We are already looking forward to meeting you at next year’s herCAREER trade fair!
Networking in Munich
Yoga & Wine in Munich: the second event of our networking series took place in the capital of Bavaria. Some female students and graduates got together for a yoga session with integrated wine tasting. In poses such as the warrior or the downrad-facing dog, the participants not only proved their sporting prowess, but at the same time tried a few wines as well. Afterwards, there was time to have a chat with our colleagues Sonja and Annika and to enjoy the rest of the evening over a few snacks.
Eine Gruppe von Studentinnen sitzt um einen Tisch bei einem Wine-Tasting.
Networking in Berlin
Natural Wine Tasting in Berlin: in August, we hosted the first event of our networking series, an easily accessible networking format, intended to appeal in particular to women who had never heard of zeb before. Berlin was chosen as the event location, since we also wanted to try something new. In Berlin-Neukölln we met with female students and graduates in a wine bar for a natural wine tasting. In a relaxed atmosphere, they gained insights into the everyday consulting work at zeb and could ask our colleagues Juliane and Svea any questions they had about the professional field. The next event will be held in Munich in October – we already look forward to it!
Teilnehmerin des Treffens stehen vor Tisch mit selbst gekochtem Essen und machen einen Daumen nach oben
Inside zeb: Women in Consulting
Five months of mentoring, events and job shadowing: At the kick-off event for our new mentoring program “Inside zeb: Women in Consulting”, our mentors gave ten female students an exciting insight into the world of consulting over the course of a weekend. The first day started with lunch in the zeb.tower to give all participants the opportunity to get to know each other. Afterwards, they were officially welcomed by our Partner Dr. Katrin Lumma. Then, the students had the opportunity to get in touch with our mentors. An enjoyable evening at the harbor concluded the first day. The next day began with breakfast and a tour of Münster’s old town, followed by a cooking workshop at POHA House.
It was a wonderful kick-off with many great participants and many inspiring conversations! We are excited to see what awaits us in the rest of the program!
Drei junge Frauen stehen vor einem Tisch mit Gebäck
Chatting about consulting over coffee, buns and a bowl of cereal
Power Breakfast in Frankfurt: in June, we held our annual Power Breakfast – female students, graduates and young professionals had the chance to exchange ideas with our consultants over breakfast. As the meeting took place at the zeb office, the participants were also able to gain a first impression of our premises in Frankfurt. The three colleagues Tabea, Elvira and Lena talked about their individual career paths and answered all the participants’ questions. We’re already looking forward to the next event! 
Vier Frauen vor einem Messestand
Female Power at the JCNetwork Days
Magdeburg, June 2022: at this year’s JCNetwork Days, we once again enjoyed a great program to which our colleagues Katharina, Mariesa and Emiliya contributed a mini case. In small groups, different solutions were presented and “challenged” by our three consultants to provide insights into their daily consulting and project work. Later on, at the opening session, Katharina talked about her personal experience and about new ways of working at zeb. In the evening, we met with many other students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland at our zeb exhibition stand and had the opportunity to engage in exciting discussions. 
At the end, we all agreed: the whole event was an immediate success!
Junge Mädchen stehen an Gruppentischen
Girls‘ Day 2022
A day in the life of a zeb consultant: our aim is to introduce the consulting and IT industry to young people – that’s why we were very happy to welcome so many girls from schools in the Münster area at our Girls’ Day in front of the zeb Tower in Münster. Of the approx. 120,000 schoolboys and schoolgirls who signed up for the nationwide Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day 2022, 17 pupils gained insights into working in the consulting and IT world – and were given the opportunity to spend a day acting as a consultant or IT developer themselves. 

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