"The atmosphere and culture at zeb are extremely collaborative and friendly."


Release date: 26 October 2023

Armin joined zeb in 2016 and works as a Manager in IT consulting. In his testimonial he describes his job and the working atmosphere.

Which hashtag or smiley would you use to describe your work at zeb?

In my opinion, one smiley is not enough because zeb has so many interesting and exciting facets. I’ll take the liberty of using two smileys: the cool and nerdy smiley at the same time. 
On the one hand, we do very cool and important client projects and on the other hand, we have very smart and helpful colleagues at zeb who are a lot of fun to work with.


How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

Having had the opportunity to get to know other companies, I can safely say that the atmosphere and culture at zeb are extremely collaborative and friendly. This is reflected above all in the appreciative and respectful way in which we all treat each other. At internal events such as the Christmas party or the practice group meetings, we can also celebrate together in a very exuberant and relaxed manner.

What was your path to zeb like? 

My path to zeb initially followed the classic route of an internship. As a result of this, I also wrote my Bachelor’s thesis together with zeb. After my Master’s degree and a short detour to IBM, I then returned as a Consultant.

What was your application process like?

As I had already been an intern at zeb for seven months, my application process was shortened. That is, after a friendly recruiting interview, I was able to skip the specialist interview and went straight to the Partner interview. All in all, everything went very quickly.

What have you learned at zeb so far?

In addition to the technical topics to do with banking and IT, I was also able to develop my soft skills such as structuring ability and my analytical and communication skills. These skills are honed on the job and in my view they are essential for any challenge that may come along.

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