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Auf einer Leinwand ist der zeb-Slogan "Partners for change" zu sehen.
Auf einer Leinwand ist der zeb-Slogan "Partners for change" zu sehen.

Frequently asked questions

Your career at zeb: the stage is yours! You still have a few questions? Here you will find all the information you need about applications, interviews and career paths at a glance – summarized by our Talent Attraction team. And if there is anything else you would like to ask, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you! 

Working at zeb

Why should I choose zeb?

zeb is characterized by a unique team spirit and a great corporate culture. Our academic background, open communication and the strong cohesion of the team are all part of this. 
In addition, the industry focus on financial services, banks and insurance companies, means that zeb advises its clients along the entire value chain. For employees, this translates into a broad field of activity and plenty of room to develop their own focus areas. Our consulting services range from strategy development and the conceptual design of new solutions to IT and digitalization. This makes us a partner for change, helping to shape the trends of today and tomorrow.

What positions are currently vacant?

We are permanently looking for new talents to strengthen our team. This applies to all functional levels: from interns or apprentices all the way to Senior Managers. The job board shows you all currently advertised positions.

What does everyday work at zeb look like?

We have changed our everyday work to a “new normal”: we have replaced the traditional consultant week with a new model that gives our employees more flexibility. Thus, everyday work is characterized by a mixture of business travel and working in the office or from home – depending on the requirements of clients and employees. 
And despite different locations and projects, it is important to us that the team stays in touch: we achieve this through virtual team events, team days or separate networking events such as women@zeb.

What further training opportunities do you offer your employees?

We offer numerous opportunities to improve both hard skills and soft skills: on our training platform, you can choose from more than 40 seminars, coaching offers and conferences to develop your skills. You can start a part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program with the school. In addition, our Web Academy provides a platform with all kinds of information to ensure a comprehensive exchange of knowledge.

What benefits do you offer your employees?

We offer our employees a wide range of benefits, some of which depend on the office location and may vary depending on the position. For example, we offer flexible work options, such as working from home, a choice of office locations or sabbaticals. Click here for an overview of other benefits.

Career (events)

Are there career events?

We regularly organize our own career events or take part in events organized by our cooperation partners to get to know interested students, graduates and professionals. Our company events take place either virtually or face-to-face – also depending on what the current situation allows. These can be networking events, digital coffee breaks or webinars. Here you will find an overview of upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you!

Can I do a degree or PhD with you?

Yes, we offer these options. You can start a part-time Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program with the school under your own steam. It is also possible to do a PhD via the zeb.scholarship program. In addition to paid leave of absence or the payment of fees, the program also includes expert support from our zeb network.

How can I stay up-to-date with news about a career at zeb?

Sign up for our “zeb.friends” network with just a few clicks to get insights into the wide variety of zeb topics. For example, you will receive invitations to webinars, current blog articles and podcast episodes as well as interesting job ads.

Application process

How can I apply for a job at zeb?

Applications can be submitted via our online career portal. Find a job that suits you on our job board and then use the “Apply now” button to select whether you want to apply with or without a profile. An applicant profile offers you the possibility to track your current application status, to save your application and to continue at any time. If you don’t have a profile, you can apply quickly and easily without registering. Please refrain from applying by e-mail and use the portal instead. 

If you are not yet certain which job ad is the right one for you, that’s no problem. We consider every application for all vacant positions and jointly decide what fits you best.

What do I do if I have forgotten my user credentials for the career portal?

If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot your password?” button to request a link which you can use to set a new password.

Can I apply for several office locations and jobs at zeb at the same time?

Our job postings are often advertised for multiple locations, so you can indicate in your application which locations you would prefer. Nevertheless, you can apply for several job postings – and thus for several locations and jobs – at zeb in parallel. 

Is it possible to submit a speculative application?

If you don’t yet know exactly which specialist area you would like to focus on or if your dream job is not currently advertised, you are also welcome to submit a speculative application via our job portal.

What documents do I need for my application?

You can upload the required documents via the application portal. They should not exceed the size of 5 MB. For a complete application, we need your contact details, a resume with information about your academic achievements, grades and practical experience, and your consent to our privacy policy. In addition, you can upload a cover letter as well as academic certificates and professional references. Although this is optional, we are always happy to learn more about you and your motivation.

How long does the application process take?

The application process in the application tool takes 7–10 minutes with registration/profile and 3–5 minutes without a profile.

How far in advance should I apply?

You can apply for a job at any time and specify your desired start date. A lead time of three months is generally advisable. For an internship, a six-month lead time is recommended.

How can I prepare for the application process?

In order to prepare adequately for the application process, we offer you a detailed description of the application process and also various tips for your application.

How long does it take to get a response?

Once you have submitted your application, we will decide after a detailed review together with the specialist department how to continue the process. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible – usually within a week. 

What happens to my personal data?

When you apply for jobs and register for events, we process your personal data and application documents and store them in our database. The processing of this personal data serves the sole purpose of handling your application and event registration. The data will be deleted as soon as storing it is no longer required – this will occur no later than six months after completion of the application process. Please find further information on our privacy policy here.

Our interviews

How are interviews structured?

If your application matches our advertised position, we will conduct two to three interviews with you, depending on the position. We offer a completely virtual or hybrid interview process, and you can decide whether you would also like to have a face-to-face interview. For us, the interviews are all about getting to know you.

We want to understand how you would like to contribute to shaping the financial services industry as a consultant. What are you passionate about and what are your skills? In the interviews, we use cases taken from actual project situations. They give you the opportunity to get concrete insights into our project work and show your skills at the early stage of the job interview. Of course, you will also have the chance to ask questions and learn more about zeb, your future tasks and our corporate culture.

What is the best way to prepare for the interview?

In the interviews we want to find out whether you fit in with us on both a professional and personal level. For this reason, the focus is also on working through a case study. You should therefore prepare not only for personal and professional questions, but also for a case study. Here you will find a short overview of dos and don’ts in the application process.

For pupils

Do you also offer internships for pupils?

Provided that meaningful supervision is ensured, pupils can complete an internship at zeb. If you’re interested, feel free to contact our Talent Attraction team!

What vocational training opportunities are available at zeb?

Pupils who have completed high school at (Fach-)Abitur level can train with us to become office management assistants. During the three-year apprenticeship, you will cycle through different areas of training such as Design & Languages, HR, Event Management or Assistance to the Management and thus gain comprehensive insights into daily office management at zeb. Are you interested in a varied apprenticeship in a large team and with independent projects? Then find out more about your vocational training opportunities here

Do you offer an integrated degree program?

We offer an integrated degree program in the field of business informatics. You will study part-time in the integrated program on two fixed days a week and work on IT projects together with our team on the other three days. The degree program at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Münster lasts 3.5 years, and you complete it in the seventh semester with your Bachelor’s thesis. You can find more information about the course and focus areas of the study program here

For students

Can I write my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis with you?

Yes, this is possible. By cooperating with us you will gain deep insights into real-life work situations and benefit from our expertise. We will also support you in finding a topic, and you will have the opportunity to contribute your own suggestions or to draw on a zeb topic. We will be happy to advise you and find solutions for your thesis. Requirements and examples of topics can be found here

Can I become a student assistant at zeb?

We offer various positions for student assistants in internal departments. In this way, you will gain deep insights into our working world and important practical experience even while you’re still studying. You can organize your working hours flexibly – up to 20 hours a week are possible. Learn more about job opportunities, salary and annual leave here. In consulting, we only offer a position as a student assistant after an internship and if there are regularly recurring project tasks for which training has already taken place during the internship. Project assistance by students who have not previously completed an internship is not possible.

What opportunities for internships do you offer?

You have the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in any area – be it in the internal departments, in consulting or in software development – and to get a foot in the door at zeb by completing an internship. The duration of the internship and your onboarding with us will be arranged individually. Are you interested in an internship? Then find out more about your opportunities in consulting here, in the Corporate Functions here and in Software Development here.

Are there networking opportunities for students?

We offer students who excel in their internship the opportunity to become part of our zeb.talents program after their internship. This way, you will stay in touch with zeb and receive news about the company. There are regular networking events where the talents come together for networking and a social program.

For professionals

I am a former employee. Can I reapply for a job?

You have worked at zeb before and would like to return? No problem.
As a former employee, you can of course reapply. Submit your application via our online job portal and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Any questions about your career opportunities?

Then contact our Talent Attraction team here. We look forward to talking to you.