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"What I value most is to have creative space that I am responsible for."


Release date: 08 April 2021

"What I value most is to have creative space that I am responsible for and to be able to shape it conscientiously and apply it in my daily work."

Lars joined zeb in 2002. He started as a Consultant in IT consulting and now works as a Manager in software development. Read the testimonial to find out what he particularly likes about his job and what a normal day at work looks like for him. 

What tasks do you handle as a Manager?

I am the go-to guy for the software module that I am responsible for, which means that my tasks include compiling requirements and discussions with clients for the further development of the product. But also software acquisition, product quality checks during the further development of the product, testing and conceptual design are part of my activities. 

What does your typical week look like? 

In my earlier days in zeb's IT consulting department, I was usually out and about four days a week working from clients' premises in German-speaking countries. This meant that I needed to fly and stay in hotels a lot. Fridays were my day to work at the zeb office or from home. Since zeb’s IT development was restructured, I now only have occasional field assignments. Instead, office days are now the rule, and usually last about nine hours. Before starting work I take our two kids to kindergarten. As my wife also works, I have reduced my hours and now have one day off per week. My daily work varies depending on the current project assignment. Nevertheless, fixed coordination meetings with colleagues, individual client phone calls and/or e-mails, coupled with concrete task organization and allocation as well as project work are part of my daily routine. 

What was the most exciting task and why? 

One of my most exciting tasks was helping to shape a software partnership with a foreign core banking system provider. This involved combining two different software products to form a new product. The project provided new perspectives, content and contacts at international clients. Because project work was predominantly in English, I was able to use and improve my own language skills. Even today I am still in touch with some of the team members and we speak regularly across national borders. 

What do you like most about your position at zeb?

To have creative space that I am responsible for and to be able to shape it conscientiously and apply it in my daily work. Also, as project work is always changing, no two days are ever alike. 

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?   

I find the working atmosphere at zeb very open and friendly. People are treated equally and can always communicate or discuss questions, suggestions and opinions openly.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our Talent Attraction team. You can find the right contact person here.