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Agiles Arbeiten im IT Workshop bei zeb
Agiles Arbeiten im IT Workshop bei zeb

Find your perfect IT consulting job at zeb

A team of thinkers, movers and innovators. Are you open to new things? That’s great, because digital transformation means that IT consultants face unfamiliar topics on a regular basis. Get an overview of projects and activities of our IT consultants and start getting to know the team straightaway. 

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To help companies align their economic success with the changing world of work and boost their competitiveness, we develop sustainable business models not just from theory: at the interface between banking expertise, architecture and digitalization, our IT consulting experts optimize existing organizational structures and implement new ones. The most important thing in this context: solutions tailored to our clients.
Our diverse team includes various roles and personalities – each with their specific expertise, skills and talents. Where do you see yourself? As a champion of progress or perhaps rather as a gifted strategist? 

As a member of a project team, you are ...

A champion of progress

The banking, insurance and fintech universe not only has to adapt to digital transformation, but also prepare for future challenges. You support this process step by step: in addition to delivering an in-depth analysis of IT landscapes and developing specific goals, you prepare the ground for managerial decisions. You also work on operational tasks and take existing business models to the next level by implementing outsourcing or cloud services.

A person who thinks strategically

Each operationalization requires a basis from which practical measures can be derived. This requires a thorough analysis examining the individual components of a company. First, you analyze automated processes, then develop systematic procedures, and finally evaluate the data. From this, you draw up suitable strategic targets tailored to the client’s specific needs, implement core banking systems and pave the way for well-managed transformation. 

An architect of technical processes

In a rapidly changing society, companies’ business models need to be adapted in terms of technology and time efficiency. You support this process step by step: by means of process mining, you analyze business processes and evaluate their efficiency. You also design application landscapes, which serve as a model for the overall structure of a company. A wide range of optimization tools is available for your use: with technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, you help clients save time and automate their processes more accurately. In addition, you develop central information resources via data warehouses, enabling easy access to knowledge. 

A user of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence combines human knowledge and technology. The financial sector cannot escape this trend – you apply technologies, such as machine learning, bots or natural language processing, on various levels. In this way, you not only help to simplify processes, but also to optimize and develop them further. 

An IT security expert

Holistic perspectives are essential in this field and require a team composed of professionals with comprehensive knowledge of IT security. You plan measures and monitor their implementation. You also use tokenization to ensure the security of data, implement distributed ledgers as a secure payment technology and work with smart contracts as a tool. 

A risk manager

Strategic processes influence the use of valuable resources. You optimize these processes and help companies improve the balance between costs, benefits and risks. In addition, you provide support in ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to reporting deadlines. Your tools comprise data management, the orchestration of services, or the digital portability of financial services through banking-as-a-service processes. 

A thinker who anticipates future disruptions

The “new work” concept is one of the mega trends of the 21st century and has transformed the traditional architecture of companies sustainably. We believe more open working structures to be a valuable asset which promotes efficient action and innovative thinking. You keep an eye on the progress of projects and manage their course by means of agile working methods, thus ensuring that the projects run as smoothly as possible. 

A well-organized developer

Do you mainly see yourself as a well-organized developer? If you are familiar with terms such as OpenStack, IMAC, Docker or FinTS and are skilled in using Java and SQL, this area is just right for you. Check out the webpage of our software development team


Artificial intelligence & banking

As a self-proclaimed “numbers and data nerd”, Caro deals with various aspects of bank data in her day-to-day consulting work. Our client base is made up of both regional and international clients: in the financial sector, they range from medium-sized savings and cooperative banks to major international banks to specialized banks, data centers and core banking system providers. We also advise insurers on numerous issues relating to property, casualty, life or health insurance.

Her focus is on how banks can utilize artificial intelligence strategically. In this video, Caro tells us what is particularly important about this and why she enjoys her work so much.

You bring along

What interests you should have

IT consulting involves a specific area that deals with trends in technology and digitalization. You should therefore be interested in these topics – IT strategies, software, data analytics or even IT compliance – and be curious about exploring them. At the same time, it is essential that you are open-minded, as you will often be dealing with unfamiliar IT topics. 

What knowledge you should bring along

In addition to specialist knowledge, for example of programming, databases or machine learning, general competence and soft skills are equally important. These are required in everyday project work: collaborating with clients and your own team requires basic communication skills. Then again, when pitching the project progress or preparing presentations, creative and rhetorical skills are necessary. 


Your success is important to us 

With a focus on the financial services industry, you will gain valuable experience from day one: this ranges from knowledge about the banking and insurance sector, and insights into fintech and insurtech start-ups, to information about other financial services companies. Experienced colleagues will provide you with valuable input along the way. True to our “stay and grow” principle and contrary to the “up or out” motto, every employee is given the opportunity to develop according to their own ideas.. 

Your Career Development Counselor

Throughout your career at zeb, you will never be without support, because from the very beginning you will have an experienced mentor at your side. This person acts as your Career Development Counselor, in short: CDC. Because of the experience they have already gained, they know the company well and have strong networks. So the CDC can advise you on any questions you may have about your career path and on other issues too. Especially during the first weeks where you will experience a great many new impressions, the CDC is there for you as your support.

Your professional development

We offer numerous opportunities to acquire further training and to expand your set of soft and hard skills. You can choose from more than 40 seminars, coaching sessions or conferences to further develop your skills beyond your project work. In addition to learning about technical topics, you have the opportunity to gain further knowledge through communication and sales training, agile project management methods, language courses or leadership training. You will thus broaden your mind and learn about new personal and professional perspectives which will benefit you all along your career path.

Your academic career

The zeb business school offers a variety of part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses. You can also do a doctorate or take courses on topics related to financial services and obtain certification. 

Your knowledge

The Web Academy offers all employees a platform containing documents and expertise of all kinds. Information is made available permanently to ensure a comprehensive exchange of knowledge. In addition, lectures are regularly held at the various office locations in Europe to present new projects or evaluated studies. 

Projects in IT Consulting

Michael and Alexandra about their roles in the team and the variety of projects.

Practice Groups – your thematic home 

IT consulting offers a wide range of different topics and technical tasks. Aside from working on exciting and varied client projects, you can set your own priorities in one of our numerous practice groups and specialize in your favorite topic. Making use of our specific expertise, strategies and individual client solutions for special topics are developed together as a team. Advanced analytics, data management, digital financial services or IT strategy are just some of the topics we deal with at zeb within the practice groups.


It’s your choice!

At zeb, we want you to be able to develop your potential freely according to your individual interests and knowledge. Therefore you decide in which practice group you want to work – and this choice is completely independent of your office location. 


Your input

Diverse input leads to a specific structure: each team member plays a role in finding a project solution by contributing their personal expertise and experience. At the same time, you benefit from the knowledge of other team members. This process will not only boost your own knowledge and personal development, but also result in skilled work teams that deal with special topics. 



This is all about teamwork: during the development of topics and strategies, the focus is on the exchange of ideas in order to jointly find implementation-oriented solutions. Regular communication is therefore crucial to the success of any collaboration – not only on technical subjects, but also on other topics to get to know the team and build relationships and networks.


What is important to us

We are known for a strong team spirit and supportive mindset and strictly object to internal competition, competitive thinking and a dog-eat-dog attitude – instead, we create an environment at zeb that is characterized by cooperation and mutual support.


Explore the perspective of our colleagues and discover more about their various experiences and adventures.

What did you learn at zeb for your personal life?
"I was always good at structuring and solving questions for myself, but at zeb I learned to answer these questions objectively and in a way that is transparent for others."
Toni | IT Strategy & Digital Transformation | Manager
What makes zeb special in your opinion?
"I recommend that you check out the zeb podcast Sound of Finance. It provides practical insights into the current challenges faced by the banking sector."
Pauline | IT Strategy & Digital Transformation | Consultant
What advice would you give to women interested in the consulting industry?
"Just apply and see for yourself if the industry matches your expectations! Our job is very varied and it’s always nice to bring your own perspective to the tasks. Even though this perspective may differ, it’s also very much appreciated."
Alexandra | IT Strategy & Digital Transformation | Manager
What does your typical day look like?
"As part of my project work, I deal with the implementation, migration or customization of our software zeb.control."
Benjamin | Advanced Intelligence | Manager
Profilfoto der Mitarbeiterin Christine.
What qualities do you think are essential for a project manager?
"Listening is incredibly important. Only if you listen properly you have the chance to really understand the client’s problem and find the right solution."
Christine | Advanced Intelligence | Manager
What do you like most about your position as an IT consultant?
"I have the opportunity to work at different levels ranging from strategy to implementation support and deal with cutting-edge topics driving transformation in core banking."
Florian | IT Strategy & Digital Transformation | Manager

Further information

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