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Toni's way from consulting to software sales


Published: August 09, 2021

"zeb is a place where everyone is appreciated and listened to."

After finishing his studies, Toni joined zeb in 2014. At first, he worked in consulting, but after a while he changed to software sales. In this testimonial, he will talk about his typical working week and what makes zeb special in his opinion. 

What did you do before joining zeb?

Once I had completed both my degree in computer engineering and a gap year – during which I also did an international internship in Malaysia – I immediately started to work as an IT Consultant at zeb. 

Why did you decide to start your career at zeb?

The financial crisis in 2007 really captured my interest. I wanted to know more about the sector that could trigger a global economic crisis. I began to explore this topic from my first year at uni. As I also developed an interest in consulting as a profession during my degree course, I quickly became convinced that I would be able to pursue both of my fields of interest perfectly at zeb – owing to the fact that it specializes on financial services providers.

What surprised you most about zeb?

That I was able to work as a consultant immediately, although I only had a Bachelor’s degree. In the interview I really had the feeling of being appreciated as my training as a reserve officer was taken into account when zeb assessed whether I was sufficiently mature for the job. I was surprised a second time when zeb offered me the opportunity to change my position from consulting to software sales owing to the skills I had shown. The skills required in this position are similar to those in consulting, but an even more detailed understanding of clients’ complex technical and business requirements is essential..

What does your typical day look like?

My working days are structured by my meetings with clients. In these meetings, I present our zeb.control software together with colleagues or discuss specific aspects relating to the implementation of the software. Between meetings, I either prepare for the next meeting or work on tendering processes which can involve an absolute flood of information. 😊

What makes zeb special in your opinion? 

Despite its growing size, zeb is still pleasantly down-to-earth. The “old guard” isn’t pretentious – on the contrary, all colleagues work together just as they did when zeb was founded and we are all united by our total willingness to find the best solution for our clients. At zeb, reasoning beats hierarchy regardless of seniority. zeb is a place where everyone is appreciated and listened to.

What did you learn at zeb for your personal life?

I learned to structure problems professionally. I was always good at structuring and solving questions for myself, but at zeb I learned to answer these questions objectively and in a way that is transparent for others. Banks cannot afford to rely on their gut feeling, it is important that we are able to put ourselves into our clients’ shoes. And we must ensure that when weighing up options each and every aspect is considered.

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