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From consultant to manager - my experience at zeb


Published: September 08, 2021

"The atmosphere at zeb is shaped by the fact that every well-reasoned opinion matters and is carefully considered."

Right after graduation, Benjamin joined zeb in 2016 as an IT consultant. Now he is a manager who focuses on the implementation and customization of our software zeb.control. In his testimonial, he provides insights into his daily routine and talks about his impression of the atmosphere at zeb.

How did you learn about zeb and what was your application process like?  

In the last stage of my degree course in Business Information Technology, I started to explore potential topics for my Master thesis in more detail. One idea was to write my thesis in cooperation with a company. While I was investigating different options, I came across a job advertisement by zeb. I applied and was promptly invited to several interviews. But before they took place, I had already decided on a theoretical topic with my university professor and had to cancel my application. 
It was important for me to phrase my cancellation in a way that would allow me to stay in contact with zeb. So I wrote that I was currently looking for a permanent job position that would begin once I had finished my Master’s degree. A few days later, zeb invited me to several interviews for a consultant position, and this time round it was a perfect match. Two weeks later, after three interviews, I immediately received a positive response. Not a single day passed between the interview and zeb’s offer. I was really pleased and in the lucky position of having signed an employment contract more than half a year before I had finished my study course. 

What does your typical day look like

It’s not possible to give you a general answer to this question, but I can definitely say that my typical day is very varied.
On the whole, my work can be divided into two major blocks: on the one hand, project work with the client; on the other hand, different internal tasks. 
As part of my project work, I deal with the implementation, migration, or customization of our software zeb.control. This includes project planning and management as well as preparing and holding workshops. In addition, I also configure and develop new features of our software solutions – my job clearly offers much variety. 
And my internal tasks are at least as diverse as my project work. They range from the development of new topics, i.e. the preparation and promotion of topics with a promising future, to providing support in acquisition processes and drawing up project offers. I also hold job interviews with new candidates. It definitely never gets boring at zeb.

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

With one word: open-minded. The atmosphere at zeb is shaped by the fact that every well-reasoned opinion matters and is carefully considered. Regardless of your level in the hierarchy, everyone interacts as equals in discussions, because “reasoning beats hierarchy” – you quickly learn that this slogan holds true at zeb. It is normal to be given responsibility early on at zeb and yet never to be alone: this characterizes the company atmosphere. 
Of course, sometimes project work can be very intense. Such periods can be stressful for everyone involved, but there is never a lack of appreciation or of team spirit. In summary, I can say: there is a very good fit between staff members. I like the following statement even better: whenever I drink an after-work beer with a colleague, we never just talk about work but always have other things in common too. 

Has your job at zeb lived up to your expectations so far

Yes, more than that. I can well remember that after my graduation I said to my friends and other students: “I’ll do that job for a year or two.” I’ve now been doing it for five years, and I’m not planning on leaving. The main reason for this is the atmosphere at zeb and the fact that I really enjoy my work. In addition, I learn new things almost every day – which is great fun.

Which hashtag or emoji would you use to describe zeb

I think I need more than one to do that, how about these three:

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