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Steffens Einstieg bei zeb

Release date: 04 December 2023

Prior to joining zeb, Steffen worked for a regional bank, but was already contemplating a career in consulting. So when he received a LinkedIn message from a zeb employee offering him a no-obligation get-to-know meeting, he seized the opportunity to learn more about zeb. Find out more about Steffen’s application process, from the initial contact to his successful hiring, and gain insights into what ultimately convinced him to join the company.

What was your first thought when you were contacted by zeb colleagues via LinkedIn? 

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by zeb’s interest. In fact, the timing of the message via LinkedIn was perfect, I must say, as I was flirting with the idea of moving into management consulting at the time and saw this as an exceptional opportunity. Having worked for a regional bank, I had already heard of zeb as a consultancy specializing in the financial services industry. 

So my thoughts turned to the possibility of getting to know zeb as an employer and taking the next step in my career with them.

What motivated you to respond to the initial message?

As a matter of courtesy, I usually respond to every message I receive. However, I was particularly interested in this one because of zeb’s established position and excellent reputation among regional banks.

How long were you in contact with the colleague who approached you when you decided to have a get-to-know meeting?

It was clear to me that a no-obligation initial meeting, as offered through the contact on LinkedIn, would be the best way to address my questions and initial concerns that come with changing jobs. After exchanging three or four messages, we agreed on a mutually convenient date for a meeting.

How did things go for you after that? What were the next steps in the process before you started working at zeb?

First, I had a 60-minute introductory interview with a long-time employee who works in the Finance & Risk area in which I was interested. The interview was very personal and honest. Then, after some time of careful consideration, I started the application process and submitted my documents.  

Soon after, I received an invitation to the interviews, where I had the opportunity to speak with three other employees. The very next day, I was formally offered a job.  

During the three months between the job offer and my start date, I kept in regular contact with the HR department and my CDC (Career Development Counselor) to address any remaining important issues.

What ultimately convinced you of zeb?

I think what ultimately convinced me of zeb was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the interviews. Both the no-obligation initial meeting and the subsequent interview made me feel confident that zeb was the right place for me. At zeb, all colleagues address each other by their first names in an informal manner. I think this also played a role. Beyond the formal job interview, engaging in casual chats and discussing current topics in bank management at savings banks further convinced me of the approachability of my interviewees. And this impression, by the way, has been confirmed after joining the company, too.

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