"As a software developer, I have been able to build up a lot of expertise in the field of banking."


Published: 17 June 2021

“I would describe the atmosphere as very pleasant and open.”  

Marius has been working for zeb as a Consultant in the Software Development department since 2020. Here, he tells us why he chose zeb and what his job is like.

How did you get your position at zeb?  

After my studies in Münster, I wanted to stay in this city and look for a job as a software developer. A former fellow student of my brother works at zeb. This is how I became aware of the company.

What does your (typical) day look like?

Coding for features in a team is definitely one of my daily tasks. We also work with the Scrum methodology, so there are daily coordination meetings to see how far we have come in the project. There are also many meetings where we talk about the elements we want to implement.

What have you learned as a Consultant in Software Development? 

During my time at zeb, I was able to pick up a lot. Above all, this includes working in strong team structures. In addition, as a software developer, I have also been able to build up a lot of expertise in the field of banking.

What was the most exciting task as a Consultant and why? 

Developing a mechanism for converting exchange rates, because that was the task that required me to come up with new methods most often in order to solve the problems.

What surprised you most about zeb? 

The programming language Scala, which we use in our project and which I didn’t know before. It is very much based on category-theoretical structures, which particularly appeals to me as a trained theoretical mathematician.

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

Very pleasant and open. Although I only worked at zeb for three weeks before working exclusively from home, I feel like a full member of the team and can easily coordinate my work with my colleagues.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our Talent Attraction team. You can find the right contact person here.