"At zeb you don't get the feeling of just being 'the intern'. Right from the very beginning, I was a real member of the team."


Release date: 22 December 2021

During her zeb internship in Finance & Risk, Mishale learned a great deal. Follow this link to read more about her work experience at zeb and about what she appreciated most during her internship.

What makes your internship at zeb special?

At zeb, people are not pigeonholed – on the contrary, they are given the opportunity and space to develop their skills and to pursue their own interests.

What hashtag would you use to describe your internship at zeb?


How was your internship supervised/supported?

Even before my internship started, my supervisor (CDC) rang me up and welcomed me warmly in an initial phone conversation. On my first day, everything was very well organized and I received all relevant information, documents, and the equipment that was necessary to get me started successfully. Every other week, my CDC took the time to discuss my open questions, feedback, or suggestions. In addition, during the entire period of my internship, it was always possible to talk to my colleagues. 

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

The atmosphere was really pleasant! I looked forward every day to seeing the other staff members at the office and getting to know new colleagues. Communication between the different office locations and between the different career levels was absolutely hassle-free. When I had questions, it was easy to address anyone without ever feeling uncomfortable. The atmosphere on the whole was very respectful and open.

What did you appreciate most about your internship?

At zeb, you don’t have the feeling of just being a little cog in the company’s wheel or “the intern”. Right from the very beginning, my colleagues showed a lot of interest in me. When planning projects, my personal areas of focus and my suggestions were taken into account. The most important aspect for me was that my performance was appreciated and that there was a great team spirit. In retrospect, it was definitely a very exciting and fascinating time! If you have the opportunity to do an internship at zeb, I strongly recommend that you go for it! 

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Any questions?

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