Joining a consultancy straight after a Bachelor's degree – how does that work?

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Joining a consultancy right after completing a Bachelor’s degree: for some students, a Master’s program is not necessarily an immediate option, but they would still like to get a foot in the door within the consulting industry. In such cases, the Analyst Program at zeb offers Bachelor graduates the opportunity to join the company directly after their first degree and to gain practical experience before continuing with their studies.  
In the podcast episode “Traumberuf Berater?” (Dream job ‘consultant’?)* Mona and Maximilian, both Analysts at zeb, talk about the start of their careers and the reasons for deciding to start working directly after their Bachelor’s. They also provide insights into what the Analyst Program actually means and what their first days in consulting life were like. 

You don't have time for or want to listen to podcasts right now? You can find a summary of the episode here.


*The podcast episode is available in German only

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