"Often enough it is about interpersonal aspects that require empathy and tact."


Release date: 08 April 2021

„Reasoning is key—it’s not about where you come from, what position you are in or what background you have!“

Marion joined zeb in 2016 and now works as a Senior Manager in Consulting focussing on Regional Banks & OPEX. In this interview, Marion talks about what she likes about her job and what qualities are important for a career in consulting.

What is particularly important to you as a female consultant at zeb?

I’m pleased to say that I have never had the impression of being at a disadvantage as a woman at zeb because of my gender—be it internally or in situations with clients. Whether man or woman: it’s all about excellent performance, compelling arguments and good, respectful cooperation. This is particularly important to me. It is the only way to create a conducive working environment in which the best results are achieved.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

Even after a few years at zeb, there is one thing I still notice every single Friday: I’ve learned so many new things this week! The constant challenge and personal development make the job so exciting and appealing to me. Subject-matter and methodological issues are only one part of it—often enough it is about interpersonal aspects that require empathy and tact. I also appreciate the high degree of creative scope and freedom to make decisions in my everyday work.

Tips for future consultants: What traits are important when starting out as a zeb consultant?

Having an opinion. This is really important to me. I like to work with “creators” who express, justify and defend their own point of view even if it is contrary to the opinion of the project team or manager. I am open to other solutions than mine—but I never want to hear things like: “I already thought last week that we should do it differently...”
Future consultants should also have high expectations of their own work results, be flexible in terms of thinking and doing, never stop being curious and have a lot of energy. A clear view of one’s own strengths is also advantageous. I am firmly convinced that a sensible focus on this maximizes not only performance but also the fun you have while doing your work—and that should not be neglected either :).

Any questions about your career opportunities?

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