Prejudice in companies. Where does the problem stem from?

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The theme of International Women’s Day on March 08, 2022 was “Break the Bias”. Unconscious bias refers to thought patterns we are unaware of that distort the way we perceive the world. Better known as “pigeonholing”, this way of thinking makes it easier for the brain to process all the information it is continuously absorbing – but it also leads to categorizing people and, in the worst case, disadvantaging them. 

In the podcast episode “Vorurteile in Unternehmen. Wo ist das Problem?” (Prejudice in companies. Where does the problem stem from?)* Christina and Wiebke report on how unconscious bias arises in the first place, what it depends on and what you can do to prevent it. 

You don't have time for or want to listen to podcasts right now? You can find a summary of the episode here.


*The podcast episode is available in German only


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