"The overall mindset is to support you, whatever your aspirations."


Published: 30 August 2021

What does Kerttu like about zeb as an employer and what personal experience has she gained as senior manager at zeb so far? In 5 short questions, Kerttu gives us insights into her job and valuable tips on what qualities a consultant should combine.

What is particularly important to you as a female consultant at zeb?

Everybody knows that gender diversity in the banking sector and respective consulting firms is not where it should be.  Very often when presenting the project results to the clients I am the only woman in the boardroom. It should not be like this. 

Research has proven that diverse teams perform better, which is why we at zeb are aiming for gender diverse teams on projects and nurturing female talent, to attract the best candidates and to help them grow with us.

What further training opportunities does zeb offer you?

On day one when I joined zeb following my graduation from the Master’s degree, I was offered to study for a PhD. At that point, I needed a little break from studying, so I politely declined the offer, but the option is still there in case I want to pursue further studies later on. 
I also love languages and am supported with German language classes.  The overall mindset is to support you, whatever your aspirations. Some of our Analyst program members are supported throughout their Master’s degree studies. Combining education and lifelong learning with practical experiences is in the DNA of zeb. 

What is the most exciting thing about your job?

I love the variety of my job—the projects vary from one topic to the other and several of my clients are based in different countries, which makes the job very exciting! 

Tips for future consultants. What traits are important when starting out as a zeb consultant?

Think quick on your feet, be analytical, organized and embrace working as part of a team.

Three words of advice to your 16-year-old self.

Believe in yourself! 😉

Kerttu‘s testimonial and her career as a female consultant at zeb made you curious? Find further information about our Female Excellence initiative here

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our Talent Attraction team. You can find the right contact person here.