"The test manager task is not only the first project I started, but also the most exciting one."


Release Date: 03.02.2022

“I see findic as a future-oriented company with great ambitions, and I would like to play my part in ensuring its success.” 

René works as a consultant for findic, a subsidiary of the zeb group that specializes in business integration and business technology in the financial industry. In his testimonial, he talks about his work as a software test manager and about what makes findic an exceptional company from his point of view. He also provides insights into how the team collaborates. 

René, how would you describe the findic team? What makes it special?

The great thing about our team is a healthy mix of professionalism and humor. We are ambitious and share clear visions. This also means that we actively support each other whenever there are questions or challenges.

You work in software testing. How would you describe your job and what are you responsible for?

I’m currently working on an exciting project for a big leasing company. This is my first time in the role of test manager – which means that I’m responsible for coordinating and planning the test phases as well as optimizing the project’s internal processes. 

What do you like most about your role as a test manager?

I particularly like the trust placed in my skills and the way the other team members and I work together on an equal footing. Also, project work gives me the chance to gain a wealth of experience and master different challenges. This allows me to grow both personally and professionally over the course of a project. 

What was your most exciting project and why?

The test manager task is not only the first project I started for findic, but also the most exciting one: the role I took on immediately exposed me to many new areas of responsibility and experience. These include, for example, the conceptual design of load and performance tests or the organization and implementation of a functioning test automation. 

Where do you know findic from? How did you first become aware of findic?

Before findic, I worked as a freelancer in software testing. During a project, I met Christian Lehmann, a manager at findic. He was always there to offer advice and support me in my work. We also got along very well on a personal level. In August 2020, he called me and managed to persuade me through good arguments to attend a personal interview at findic, which took place only a short time after the phone call. A month later, I was part of the company. 

Why did you decide to join findic?

The decisive factor was not just the great first impression of the company and the friendly way in which everyone communicated, but also the prospects presented to me. I see findic as a future-oriented company with great ambitions, and I would like to play my part in ensuring its success. 

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our Talent Attraction team. You can find the right contact person here.

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