"We always strive to share knowledge within our team."


Release date: 12.05.2022

For about two years, Anne-Sophie has been working at findic, a subsidiary of zeb that specializes in IT consulting for financial services providers. During project work, she deals with topics relating to system integration or application lifecycle management on a daily basis. In her testimonial, she describes how she found her way from studying mathematics to IT consulting and why findic is the right company for her. 

What was the most exciting project and why?

As part of a project, I teamed up with a colleague for a task which required us to calculate regulatory KPIs for various credit risk models of a bank. Together we wrote several scripts that allowed us to automatically read, filter and pre-process relevant data. Then we used these to calculate the required figures.
The exciting thing about this task was building something completely new, as we had to come up with a suitable process architecture. We discussed the relevant aspects from a business and IT perspective with other colleagues. At the end of this work phase, after many tests, we were able to present the finished result – that was a very good feeling. 

Why did you decide to join findic?

After graduating with a degree in mathematics, I went into business consulting. However, I didn't quite feel in the right place there. At that time, a former colleague told me that he had started a new job at findic and asked me if I could imagine applying there, too. So I did: after an interview and in-depth discussions, I was certain about findic, as I particularly liked the vision, the activities and the working atmosphere described. 

What were your first weeks like and what were your impressions of findic?

Right at the beginning, there was the zeb.start week in Münster, which was attended by all new colleagues, both from zeb and from findic. It provided an introduction to various topics, for example tools to work with. I also received my company laptop and a mobile phone. During this week, the various events gave me plenty of opportunities to meet everyone who started at the same time as me. 

The following week I spent at the office in Hamburg where I was warmly welcomed by my new team. Everyone was very nice and helpful, and I had enough time to get to know everything. In the beginning, I took over some internal tasks and was thus able to familiarize myself with the new areas of work.

How would you describe the atmosphere at findic?

The atmosphere at findic is extremely supportive, open and friendly. Everyone is keen to help and always strives to share knowledge within our team. For this reason, various meetings are organized – most of them virtually at the moment – where we present the topics everyone is currently working on, so that you are always brought up to date on the current project status. This not only gives you the chance to learn more about these topics, but also allows you to ask your colleagues further questions about any open issues. 

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