“Working independently and with utmost precision and new methods is part of the daily routine of Embedded Research.”

Profilfoto einer Praktikantin bei zeb

Release date: 07 November 2022

Eva completed a three-month internship in the Embedded Research team to gain practical experience alongside her university studies in economics. In her blog post, she tells us more about her decision to apply at zeb and reports on her internship. She also provides insights into the application process for interns and their day-to-day work.  

Why did you decide to apply for an internship at zeb?

During my Master’s degree in economics, I have worked as a student assistant at the University of Münster and have therefore developed a strong interest in research activities. However, since this work is usually very theoretical, the internship in Embedded Research offered me not only theoretical model- and method-based activities, but also deep insights into their practical application, the fields of activity and the great importance of this area for a company in the consulting industry. 

What tasks did you take on during your internship?

Right from the start of the internship, every day was filled with exciting topics and new challenges. I was involved in research and data preparation for various client projects and drafted the quarterly zeb.market.flash. As part of the European study on retail banking, I held lively discussions with foreign colleagues from Italy, Sweden, Poland, Luxembourg and Switzerland, whose findings I then incorporated into the study. 

What would you say is the most important thing you learned or took away from your internship?

I have learned to develop both professionally and personally with each new challenge. In particular, working independently and with utmost precision and new methods is part of the daily routine of Embedded Research. However, I was never left alone, as the entire team, especially my CDC (Career Development Counselor), was always available to answer my questions. 

As an intern, did you travel to the client´s site?

The tasks assigned to me did not require direct interaction with the client, so I was able to work in the office during the entire time of the internship. This was true for most of the team, so we had enough time for coffee breaks or short talks over an ice cream on the department floor of Embedded Research. 

How important was your previous practical experience for your internship?

Since this was my first internship in the field, I joined the Embedded Research team with little prior experience. With each task, I was introduced into the relevant subject and methods, so this was not a problem at any point. However, showing a special interest in the financial sector is particularly important for an internship in the research department.

What was your personal highlight during your time at zeb?

A final highlight was definitely zeb.Uni, a corporate event where employees from the different zeb offices gathered in Münster. Over the course of two days, presentations and discussions by both internal and external speakers addressed the future challenges for the financial sector. During breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks or in front of the ice cream freezer, zeb.Uni offered a variety of opportunities to talk to team members from other office locations. 

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Any questions?

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