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Ein Schriftzug auf einfarbigem Hintergrund mit den Worten "Career tips - Interview".
Ein Schriftzug auf einfarbigem Hintergrund mit den Worten "Career tips - Interview".
Your interview – show us who you are!
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To convince people in a face-to-face interview, you should prepare carefully. Take a close look at the company’s website and their social media channels. Focus on the key facts about the company and its industry. You should also know the company’s business model, organization, awards and benefits. The purpose of this is not to gain detailed knowledge, but to get a more comprehensive picture of your future employer and determine why you would like to work there.  

You should really know your CV and cover letter. The person interviewing you will definitely ask about individual aspects from your CV as well as about your motivation. It’s great if you can answer these questions convincingly and in a structured way.  

Some companies conduct their interviews online. If you are invited to an online interview, make sure that you have received the necessary access data. You should also check that all technical features, such as your camera and microphone, are working – and find out how the platform works beforehand. To do this, you can dial into the meeting earlier or ask a friend to make a test call using the relevant platform. Make sure your face is well lit and the light source is not behind you. In addition, choose a background that is as neutral as possible and dress appropriately despite the online format.  

Whether it’s an online interview or an interview at the office, always be yourself. After all, we want to get to know YOU. Be prepared for spontaneous questions and react calmly and show a sense of humor, if you don’t immediately understand a question or have to think about it for a moment. Remember: our goal is not to intimidate or scare you away during an interview, but to get to know you better. 

Tip: always reinforce your statements in the interview with examples and relevant experience. They will thus seem authentic and highlight your competence. If you manage to link your skills and experience to the job requirements and to communicate your enthusiasm for the tasks effectively, then you will be the winner. In this way, you will convince the employer that you are the best fit for the job.  

Especially in management consultancies, a case study is part of the selection process. Try to solve the task in a focused and structured way. This is all about showing how you approach a task and demonstrating your analytical abilities and knowledge. In the course of the conversation, we hope to find out how you work and how you draw logical conclusions.  

Frequently, at the end of an interview, roles are reversed. Now it’s your turn to ask questions. At best, an interview should develop into a mutual exchange and not remain a one-way question-and-answer session. Seize this opportunity to learn more about the company and the job. Your questions should always reveal your interest and not address topics that you can read about on the company’s website.  

Now we are looking forward to your application and the interview with you. 

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