zeb.Uni 2022: 30 years of zeb are just the beginning

A birthday party with many new insights, impulses and a lot of fun.

Vorbereitungen bei der zeb.Uni 2022

This year’s zeb.Uni had something very special to celebrate: zeb marked its 30th anniversary. Founded in 1992 in a Münster lecture hall, the company has grown rapidly over the past 30 years. By now, zeb is the professional home of almost 1,000 employees. 

Both then and now, the unique team spirit of our colleagues is our hallmark. zeb.Uni is held every year to celebrate our joint successes to date and to set the course for successful cooperation also with a view to the future. Since its launch 30 years ago, every summer, this two-day event has brought together our employees from all over Europe in Münster. Besides technical presentations, zeb.Uni focuses in particular on the exchange of ideas among colleagues. 



This year’s agenda featured presentations on financial services as well as guest speakers’ contributions to a wide range of topical issues. Our employees were able to choose from an exciting offering of four parallel financial services formats and one presentation of a cross-disciplinary innovation topic. The aim, however, was not only to gain new insights and work impulses, but also to think outside the box and engage with current, social issues.

For example, physicist Prof. Dr. Markus Rex demonstrated very clearly exactly what climate change signifies and how far it has already progressed. He provided impetus for the adjustments that need to be made today in order to protect our planet. Together with around 100 other participants, Rex himself took part in the 2020 Polarstern expedition, which explored previously unknown areas of the North Pole for a whole year and delivered groundbreaking research findings.



Another highlight was the “What is ethics – and how does it work?” lecture by Prof. Dr. med. Alena Buyx, Chair of the German Ethics Council. She used the example of the coronavirus pandemic and medical issues to point out why it is important to always consult an ethics advisor when making far-reaching decisions. Ms. Buyx also emphasized the important social role of such an advisory body, regardless of the subject area.


After the first day of presentations, numerous street food carts were lined up outside Jovel Music Hall, offering a wide variety of savory dishes – from Indonesian bowls and Syrian manakish to burgers and currywurst. At the subsequent after-show party, DJs and a live band created an exuberant atmosphere. As a special surprise, internationally renowned DJ David Puentez performed from midnight onwards and captivated all employees with loud basses and an impressive laser show. 

After the second day of events, many new insights, impulses and a lot of fun, this year’ s zeb.Uni came to an end – truly a successful birthday party for zeb!