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As a result of the current corona crisis, we have completely switched our recruiting processes and career events to digital formats and thus remain in contact with you without unnecessary risks. Find suitable jobs or an exciting event and apply online. We wish everyone good health and optimism!

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Frankfurt—affectionately known as “Mainhattan” by the local residents—is the second-largest of zeb’s office locations. In the Frankfurt office you are very close to the beating heart of the financial industry, as Frankfurt is the banking metropolis par excellence. Germany’s fifth largest city has an impressive skyline and many modern sights, but also a historical old town that culture lovers should not miss. Frankfurt’s history dates back to the Roman era. The historical meets the modern. In culinary terms, there are two things that Frankfurters cannot do without: Ebbelwoi, the traditional apple cider, and “grüne Soße”, the green sauce known far beyond the region’s borders. On mild summer evenings it is well worth visiting one of the many traditional cider taverns.



The zeb office is located in the heart of the banking district. It certainly adds to the atmosphere when you can see some of the major banks out the window. And the opera house “Alte Oper” and the “Fressgass” street of restaurants are only a few hundred meters away too. Business, shopping, restaurants and culture are right on your doorstep. 



In the Frankfurt office, you can relax in the lounge area and choose from numerous free coffee specialties and cold drinks. And if you want, the foosball table is available for a quick match.  
Teamwork is very important here in the office. On Fridays, there are numerous events such as wine tastings, Partner dinners or quizzes that await you. And if you have sporting ambitions you can join the running group, which also takes part in corporate races. 



The zeb office is conveniently located in the Taunusanlage and easily accessible by public transport. The main train station is only one S-Bahn station away from the office, and the airport—incidentally one of the largest in the world—can also be reached in 30 minutes. 



You are spoiled for choice if you want to get involved in clubs, as there are over 400 in Frankfurt. The Main metropolitan area generally has a lot to offer in terms of sport. Frankfurt is home to the DFB, the German Football Association, and the DOSB, the German Olympic Sports Association. And with Eintracht Frankfurt, the city also has a Bundesliga club.


Taunusanlage 19

60325 Frankfurt / Main


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