This is where it all started for zeb in 1992! The university city of Münster is located in the west of Germany and is considered one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Germany. In hardly any other German city will you encounter more bikes than here. 



If you are planning a career in the Münster headquarters, the office building we affectionately call the “Tower” will be your place of work. Münster is the largest zeb location and is home to employees from consulting, the internal departments and software development. Twice a year—at the zeb.Uni and at the Christmas party—all zeb employees gather in Münster to share ideas and celebrate into the night.  



 If you like good coffee, you will be spoiled at the “zeb.roestbar”—our in-house café—with free coffee specialties in barista quality. And for a small bite to eat, there are paninis, quiches, yogurt and other treats. 
For those of you who want to keep fit, the zeb.wellfit program or the zeb running or soccer teams are a great way to keep fit. If you want to be active in other ways, you have all kinds of opportunities here—Münster’s clubs offer a wide range of sports.



Münster offers great travel connections through a modern train station with a bicycle parking garage, a well developed bus network and Münster/Osnabrück airport, which you can reach from the city center in about 30 minutes.



Due to the numerous students, life in Münster is characterized by student flair and aside from interesting shops and trendy restaurants, there is a lot to do to enjoy yourself. After all, Münster is the city with the highest density of pubs in all of Germany. Münster also has a lot to offer for lovers of culture and recreation: numerous museums, the historical Prinzipalmarkt with its beautiful architecture, the Aasee lake and one of the largest weekly markets in the area tempt you to come back again and again.


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48153 Münster


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