Agility is everything, isn't it?

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New work concepts, agile methods and digitalization are modern buzzwords that you encounter again and again in everyday life. At Tabularaza by zeb – as a place for digital transformation – employees deal with exactly these topics in their daily project work. Founded in 2016, Tabularaza evolved as a result of a larger project at a German banking association and now has two locations in Germany.

The podcast episode “Alles Agilität. Oder was?” (Agility is everything, isn’t?)* describes the inception of Tabularaza, why its team deals with topics such as mindset and strategy and to what extent agile methods such as Design Thinking, SCRUM or Kanban help in developing results. 

You don't have time for or want to listen to podcasts right now? You can find a summary of the episode here.

*The podcast episode is available in German only


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