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"I wish I had joined zeb right after graduation."

IT Consultant Alexandra geht jeden Tag mit einem Lächeln zur Arbeit

Release date: 24.02.2022

“The job is fun, you have a steep learning curve and it’s always nice to bring your own perspective to the tasks. Even though this perspective may differ – especially in a male-dominated industry – it’s also very much appreciated.“

Since 2020, Alexandra has been working at zeb as a Manager in IT. Before joining zeb, she had already explored the consulting business from a variety of angles. In her testimonial, she talks about the impressions of zeb she has gained so far. She also gives some insights into her career, why she decided to get into consulting and what advice she would give to other women who are still unsure if the industry is the right fit for them. 

What is special about zeb?

From my point of view, the corporate culture is definitely what makes zeb special. Firstly, our team consists of people with different personalities, backgrounds and cultures. We have a strong team spirit, so working together is great fun. 
Secondly, zeb offers various events such as zeb.Uni or zeb.start. These are great opportunities to meet colleagues from other office locations who you sometimes haven’t seen in a while. I always look forward to that in particular! 

What’s more, zeb has an outstanding work structure. We have a mentoring program that provides great support, especially for young professionals. Tasks and roles are not assigned according to function, but according to skills and competence. 

What was your most exciting task or project and why?

On my most exciting project, I was hired on short-term contract for the department manager role in a large DAX-listed group. This lasted for almost a year and I was able to gain a good insight into a large company operating in the financial sector. The new position entailed numerous new tasks, such as budget authority or staff leadership, for instance. In addition, I was able to set up the department step by step. The experience I gained in this role has proved extremely helpful for my further projects at zeb.

Has your job lived up to your expectations so far?

Actually, it has exceeded my expectations so far: before I joined zeb, I had already worked in consulting, so I was convinced that I knew all the processes. But when I joined zeb, I realized that this was definitely not the case. Every consulting firm is different and sometimes I wish I had come here right after graduation. You definitely cannot go wrong with starting your career at zeb. 

Have you always wanted to be a consultant? 

Like any typical female student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, I wondered whether a consulting job would really be the right thing for me. First I decided to work in procurement – but as you can see, things always turn out differently! At some point, I even left the consulting business to work in project management, but then quickly returned. 

What was your application process like?

I did a total of four interviews. First, I talked with HR about the motivation behind my application. Then I had several conversations with my later colleagues who challenged me in different areas. Besides brain teasers and case work, I also did an interview on my specialist topic. I received a positive response only a day later.. 

What advice would you give to women interested in the consulting industry?

Just apply and see for yourself if the industry matches your expectations! Our job is very varied: it’s fun, you have a steep learning curve and it’s always nice to bring your own perspective to the tasks. Even though this perspective may differ – especially in a male-dominated industry – it’s also very much appreciated. 

Alexandra's testimonial and her career at zeb have aroused your interest? Click here to find further information about our Female Excellence initiative.

Any questions?

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