The zeb.referral program: Theresa and Lukas

Abbildung der Kollegin Theresa und des Kollegen Lukas. Ein blauer Pfeil zeigt von Lukas auf Theresa.

Release date: 23.05.2022

The zeb.referral program supports our further growth – and strengthens our internal networks at the same time, because: zeb employees can recommend friends and family members as potential candidates. Lukas did the same and told his former fellow student Theresa about his job at zeb and the working atmosphere in the Vienna office. At some point, Theresa was convinced: she applied and made the decision in the interviews that it was a fit. In this blog post, the two share their experience during the process as part of the zeb.referral program.

Lukas, why did you participate in the zeb.referral program and recommend zeb as an employer?

I’m really happy with the atmosphere at zeb (especially in the Vienna office) – I keep saying that I work with friends and not with colleagues. Of course, not everything is perfect. I can think of a few things that would make zeb an even more attractive employer. Basically, though, I’m pretty satisfied, especially with the above-mentioned atmosphere and my great colleagues. They really are the main reason why I enjoy working at zeb.

Who did you recommend and how did you get to know each other?

Resa and I got to know each other during our studies and our time together in the student council at the University of Bamberg.

What added value do you see for yourself by taking part in the referral program?

Even more colleagues who we know in advance will be a great fit for the zeb family, because we evidently already know them. And, in this way, I get to eat the world’s best “Käsespätzle”. Resa still owes me a portion.

Do you have a good tip for colleagues who would like to become active as a “recruiter” them-selves?

One needs to be persistent and persuasive if the professional “fit” is not 100% (Finance is just very specific and either absolutely sexy or pretty unsexy 😉). But as we can see with Resa, persistence pays off. 😊

Theresa, how was the “recruiting process” for you and did Lukas have to put in a lot of persuasive effort? Had you heard about zeb before?

To be honest, Lukas really had to persuade me and it took several months. I had no experience in Finance, so I was convinced that I wouldn’t “fit” in. I had heard only little about zeb at the time and wanted to be (very) sure that I was making the right choice when I started my career.

Why or based on which argument of Lukas did you choose zeb as an employer?

Eventually I applied and was positively surprised by the interviews; I was able to clarify remaining questions and had a good impression right away. As a result, I stopped the application process at another company because I felt they had acted in quite an intimidating way there. The interview at zeb was much more motivating.

What was it like to start at zeb and what has been your highlight so far?

Lukas never tired of telling me about the friendly social interaction at zeb, the great atmosphere in the Vienna office and the encouraging spirit – and what can I say, he wasn’t lying! I’m especially happy about the coincidence that I was hired at the same time as other female consultants in Vienna and that we have a brilliant team spirit.

Since you joined zeb, have you already recommended people from your social network to zeb?

I’ll leave that to Lukas, he’s quite good at it. 😉

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