Header Visual with the text: Career tips - Cover letter
Header Visual with the text: Career tips - Cover letter
Your cover letter – what motivates you?
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A cover letter serves as a kind of self-advertisement. You can use it to describe various stages of your career more comprehensively and back them up by adding relevant information such as your individual tasks or the success of your projects. You can also explain your personal motivation for applying to precisely this position. You should always clearly refer to the job ad. Relevant achievements, such as active participation in a project in a field related to the advertised position, should be described in detail. In this way, we can get an idea of who you are, what you have already done and which skills you have. 

In general, a traditional cover letter is no longer a must. However, we recommend adding it anyway to explain your motivation for applying to the job. Instead of repeating the information from your CV in your cover letter, focus on job-related issues. Feel free to integrate keywords from the job ad by putting them into context. But avoid empty phrases and the mere mention of keywords.  

Your cover letter should not exceed one A4 page. It's a good idea to address it directly to the contact person mentioned in the job ad. This shows that you’ve paid close attention to the wording.

Here are some questions you should answer in your cover letter:  

  • Why do you want to pursue this career?  

  • Why do you wish to work at this company/at zeb?  

  • Why are you the right person for the advertised position?  

  • What are your strengths?  

  • What characterizes your style of work? 

If you are unsure whether a cover letter is required, we recommend that you simply ask the contact person mentioned in the job ad. At zeb, we do not strictly require a cover letter, and we do not give preference to an applicant simply because they have written one. So just view the cover letter as a chance to introduce yourself to us in more detail.  

And now: good luck!  

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