Your career in the corporate functions

zeb is a strategy and management consultancy with a clear industry focus and a broad range of services. The corporate functions provide professional services to support the consulting business and thus contribute to the company’s success. 

If you are passionate about providing a service, you want to change things and constantly expand your knowledge, then zeb is the right place for you. Find out more about your entry and career opportunities in our career model. 

Career model


As a Fellow, you will already gain practical experience during your studies. Due to our wide range of corporate functions, there are diverse positions we can offer you. You can do an internship in the various departments at zeb or support our teams by working as a student assistant.
Both options provide you and us with a good basis for future cooperation. 

  • Internship  

zeb offers Master and Bachelor students a varied and exciting internship. You will become part of your chosen department, your team. You will learn a lot from your colleagues and work on relevant tasks. Doing so will allow you to gain deep insights into the internal processes at zeb and to get to know our corporate culture. 
 You can find more information about your internship in the corporate functions here.

  • Student assistant

Combine theory and real-world experience by working as a student assistant. Our corporate functions offer you flexible opportunities to support our teams. You can use the knowledge you have gained during your studies and apply it in practice in your department. This way you will gain relevant practical experience while also building up a valuable network in our company.
You can find more information about working as a student assistant in the corporate functions here.


If you hold a good school-leaving certificate (in Germany: Abitur or Fachabitur), the door is open for you to train as an office management assistant at zeb in Münster. You will get to know the tasks and targets of each of the corporate functions, get an overview of internal processes and gain comprehensive insights into the variety of the work.
You can find more information about your apprenticeship at zeb here.


After completing your apprenticeship, you can start at zeb as a Professional. As part of the team in one of the corporate functions, you will take on and be responsible for specific tasks. You will organize and prioritize tasks and communicate and coordinate with your team and internal clients while ensuring smooth processes. 
You can find more information about starting at zeb as a Professional here.

Senior Professional

With a university degree or based on your professional experience in a service area, you can join zeb as a Senior Professional working in the corporate functions. You will then be part of a team responsible for wide-ranging tasks and processes. Providing and further developing the services will be part of your job. Use your creativity, develop solutions for efficient processes and continually expand your specialist knowledge.
You can find more information about starting at zeb as a Senior Professional here.


If you have already gained some years of work experience in your field after completing your academic education, you can join zeb as a Expert. Your tasks will include professionally carrying out existing processes and developing new services. You can use both your technical knowledge and your communication skills for new topics. In many cases, different teams work together to create integrated processes.

Manager Internal

With many years of professional experience in your field and academic training, you can join zeb as a Manager Internal. You will be responsible for a team in your department and are its line manager and coach. In addition, you will take over project management of innovation projects in your area, coordinate the project participants and find the common denominator when dealing with internal and external interests. You will drive forward issues that have a significant impact for zeb and thus support the company’s long-term success.

Department Head

A prerequisite for joining zeb as a department head is many years of professional experience in a similar function—ideally in a management consultancy. You will determine the strategic direction of your division, organize efficient processes, lead your teams in an appreciative and goal-oriented manner, ensure company-wide impact and strong innovation. As a communicator, you will maintain contact to all stakeholders and be responsible for budgets and projects. In doing so, you will contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Further information

Do you want to know more? Take a look at the following pages and get to know us even better.


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Your career as a professional

Here you can find out what you can expect as a professional in our corporate functions. 

Jobs in corporate functions for students / zeb career
Your career as a student/graduate

You can learn about the opportunities we offer you during or after your studies here.



Apprenticeship for office management at zeb
Apprenticeship for office management

You can find more information about our apprenticeship for office management here.

Our focus is on you / reasoning beats hierarchy / zeb career
#ShapeSpaces - our culture

Why you should become one of us.

Event at zeb

You are also welcome to come to one of our events before you apply. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas, network and learn. Follow this link to the events.

zeb Beraterinnen / Female Excellence Kampagne für mehr Diversität / zeb Karriere
Female Excellence

Our FemaleExcellence@zeb campaign promotes diversity at zeb. Here you can find out what the campaign still stands for and what our consultants are organizing in this context.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about your career paths in corporate functions? Then please contact our recruiting team. You can find the right contact person here.

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