Ein Mitarbeiter erklärt seinem Kollegen etwas mithilfe eines Tablets.
Ein Mitarbeiter erklärt seinem Kollegen etwas mithilfe eines Tablets.

Your career in software development

Banking and insurance goes digital native. Do you enjoy a dynamic work environment and love designing and developing customized applications? Then software development is exactly the right thing for you, because as a developer you create programs and software for clients and dedicate yourself to new, exciting challenges in varied projects. Learn more about the variety of tasks in software development, find out about starting your career and get to know the team

Find your role in software development

We love technological progress and everything new that requires not only innovative thinking but also a healthy portion of curiosity. zeb is not just a management consultancy, but also a professional software company, enjoying long-standing relationships with clients in Germany and other European countries. Our software developers and architects work in small agile teams to develop specialist applications and calculation engines for banks and insurance companies using the latest (cloud) technologies.
Our jobs in software development offer a wide range of tasks. By working on a variety of projects, you can find out which areas you like and what you feel comfortable with – we will support you on your individual career path: 

Starting out at zeb

You are interested in topics such as cloud-native application development using Java, Python and React, DevOps for the cloud or cloud SaaS operations and, ideally, you already have initial experience? Developing in the cloud gives us tremendous flexibility when it comes to scaling, while enabling us to pursue our agile development approach and a consistently innovative process. You will work with a modern tech stack such as K8s, Docker or Terraform and with data science / big data tools such as Spark and Hadoop.

You are not a trained computer scientist or software developer? No problem!

No matter what qualification, no matter what background – you burn for software development? Then you’ve come to the right place because we burn for it too. Our team consists of people with very different professional backgrounds: the colleagues who work on our projects come from different fields, such as mathematics and physics, geoinformatics and specialized computer science as well as engineering – what unites them is their enthusiasm for sophisticated and modern software solutions, analytical work and the possibility to simulate complex realities using software. In our team, everyone can find their place and put their personal interests and skills to good use. Our colleague Helena, for example, has a background in physics - you can find out more about her switch to the consulting industry here.

Work-life balance? It’s possible!

We offer you maximum flexibility to reconcile your private life and your career. You can expect flexible working hours, arrangements to work from home and the option to take a sabbatical – regardless of whether you want to work at one of our office locations or remotely. What about travel? Every now and then, some of us need to meet up with a client to maintain the personal relationship – but by and large, your job will not require you to travel.

Your benefits

There are three things in particular that make your job at zeb special: the varied projects within the financial services industry, the unique company culture and our great teamwork. Throughout the year, the offices and development teams hold their own events to see each other regularly outside of projects. Special highlights also include the Christmas party for you and your plus one as well as the annual zeb.Uni, where we come together for two entire days, get to know each other and talk about current topics and projects. But that’s just a fraction of the benefits we offer our employees – here you will find an overview.

What clients will you be working with?

In the course of a project and owing to our active collaboration, we develop a close relationship with the client. Our client base is made up of both regional and international clients: in the financial sector, they range from medium-sized savings and cooperative banks to major international banks to specialized banks, data centers and core banking system providers. We also advise insurers on numerous issues relating to property, casualty, life or health insurance. 
On individual occasions, we have also supported projects outside the financial sector and even had the privilege of advising a soccer club.

Programming languages, tech stack and their fields of application

We develop specialist applications using Java, Scala, Python, React and TypeScript. In addition, we rely on proven and innovative open-source components such as Spring or Spark and also support free and open software projects. In recent years, we have focused in particular on the development of software for the cloud. Both internally and for clients, we utilize cloud technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, CI/CD with GitLab and many more. 
The solutions we develop are used by banks and insurance companies as specialist applications and calculation engines to manage their business models. You will therefore come into contact with exciting topics such as risk controlling, regulation and accounting across all corporate units. 


We offer our clients from the banking and insurance sector our own software solution called zeb.control, which provides support for corporate management and is gradually being shifted into the cloud as a product family. But there is even more to software development at zeb: we develop customized software for specific business requirements and bundle all digital services offered in a Digital Services Hub. The individual services and modules are provided in the form of Software as a Service. In this way, we also provide our clients with comprehensive support in implementing their cloud strategy.

A little insight into our team

Daniel and Nils share with you what their everyday work as software developers is like.


Take the perspective of our colleagues and learn more about their experiences.

Eine Mitarbeiterin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera.
As a physicist, why did you choose to work in software development in the financial industry?
"After my PhD, I no longer wanted to do research at a university, but I still wanted to work analytically and get more deeply involved in the technical implementation of modern simulation programs. Rather than doing basic research, I now get to see the direct benefit of my work."
Helena | Software Development | Consultant
What was the most exciting task and why?
"The most exciting task so far has certainly been to design a completely new data processing strategy and a corresponding process for the software component zeb.control.accounting."
Thomas | Software Development | Manager
Ein Mitarbeiter von zeb lächelt in die Kamera.
What tasks do you fulwill in your role as Manager?
"I mostly work as a developer, but even at an early stage of my employment at zeb I was able to take on responsibility for student employees."
Dominik | Software Development | Manager

It’s your choice

Which offer are you interested in?

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Integrated degree program

You can find more information about our integrated degree program in business informatics here.

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Your career as a student

You can learn about the opportunities we offer you during your studies here.

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Your career as a graduate

You can learn about the opportunities we offer you after your studies here.

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Your career as a professional

Here you can find out what you can expect as a professional in our software development.

Working in agile teams

As a software developer, you will get to know a wide range of tasks that we deliberately rotate on a regular basis to offer you maximum opportunities for your individual development and deepen your interest in specialist topics.

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From concept to go-live, we work on products end-to-end. For this reason, we set up interdisciplinary teams of experts for architecture, application development, UI and financial-mathematical calculation engines for each project. Together with the client, we create a customized solution to which everyone contributes with their individual expertise and experience. This allows you to also benefit from the knowledge of other team members.

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You devise your own tasks, work with a high level of freedom and can thus quickly take on leadership tasks in the project. At the same time, your team is always at your side to help you build your expertise and discuss solutions. 

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Regular team meetings, either remotely or on-site, allow you to coordinate and collaborate with your team on an individual basis. This gives you space for independent solution design without tight restrictions. 

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Cohesion and helpfulness are key elements of the way we work together. We reject internal one-upmanship, competitive thinking and elbow mentality – at zeb, we promote a work culture that is oriented towards team results and characterized by mutual support. Do you value an open corporate culture too? Then a job in software development at zeb is exactly the right thing for you.

Eine Mitarbeiterin arbeitet an einem Laptop.


Each team has its own high-performance development resources in the cloud, so solutions can be developed quickly and easily with the help of the latest tools.

Career model

The names for our career levels are harmonized within the zeb group. So in software development, you are not a consultant in the conventional sense, rather you work as a developer.


As a Fellow, you will already gain experience in software development during your studies. You can complete an internship with us, support us as a student assistant or write your thesis with us. These three options provide you with good insights and a sound basis for future cooperation with us.

  • Internship

zeb offers Master and Bachelor students a varied internship. You will become part of an agile project team, learn from experts and work as a team member in software development projects. This allows you to gain deep insights into working in software development at zeb.
You can find more information about your internship in software developement here.

  • Student assistant  

Combine theory and real-world experience by working as a student assistant in software development. You will support our development teams and IT consultants in the various project stages, using the knowledge gained during your studies and applying it in the real world. You will gain relevant knowledge about business processes, data analysis and methods of application development and at the same time build up a valuable network in our company. 
You can find more information here.

  • Thesis  

With a current software development topic, you can back up your theoretical knowledge with practical experience in your thesis. You will have direct access to IT experts who are well versed in your field. In addition, you can use our research services and access the latest specialist articles, studies, standard works and an extensive database. Due to our practical approach and high academic standards we can offer you the perfect sparring to help you successfully complete your studies. 
You can find more information about your thesis in software development here.


After completing your Master’s degree, PhD or a Bachelor’s degree if combined with relevant work experience, you can start your career as a developer at zeb on the Consultant career level. You will be part of a development team, develop state-of-the-art IT solutions, accompany the implementation of the software at the client’s site if desired and support the project work. Over time you will take on more and more responsibility.
You can find more information about starting at zeb in software development here.

Senior Consultant

If you have gained initial work experience in software development for a consultancy or a financial services institution after completing your academic education, you can join zeb as a senior developer on the Senior Consultant career level. With your previous knowledge you will quickly take over responsibility in business-related or technical areas and be able to apply your existing knowledge. You will constantly expand your methodical, technical and specialist knowledge. This way you will support the development of innovative software products and solutions for our clients. 


If, after completing your academic education, you have gained several years of experience in developing complex and demanding software in a management consultancy or financial institution, zeb offers you the opportunity to join at Manager level. As an expert or software architect you develop innovative software products and solutions for our software portfolio and our clients. In addition, you will be a mentor (Career Development Counselor) for some colleagues, provide feedback and support their career development.

Senior Manager

IT experts with deep roots in the financial industry and an excellent network, outstanding specialist expertise and experience in managing complex IT development projects can join zeb as Senior Managers. In this role you are responsible for projects and products. Client interaction, project acquisition and the development of new services and products are as much a part of your duties as the role of Career Development Counselor.

Further information



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You are welcome to come to one of our events before you apply. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas, network and learn. Follow this link to the events.

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The best teams are diverse teams. Click here to find out how we promote diversity at zeb and which networks and initiatives we offer.

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