Senior Management Consultant Banking & Innovation (f/m/x)

Full time
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Your tasks:

  • In international and diverse teams, you tackle strategic problems, contribute your expertise, and will be assigned to projects aimed at improving our clients’ performance.
  • You review strategies, develop alternatives and implement forward-looking concepts.
  • You analyze client needs and market insights and prepare your results in a structured, clear and management-oriented manner.
  • You are responsible for single project streams to be managed autonomously under the supervision of a senior team member.
  • Aside from your project work, you also commit to zeb by providing speeches, articles and contributing to the development of relevant business know-how.

Your skills:

  • University degree (Master’s or PhD) in business, economics, mathematics, or engineering.
  • You have 2-3 years of experience in a leading consulting firm or in a financial institution.
  • You are analytically strong, possess excellent skills to structure complex issues and combine strategic thinking with a high level of implementation expertise.
  • In project teams, you are inquisitive and persuasive, a team player who acts in a client-centric manner and thinks strategically and creatively.
  • You enjoy questioning the status quo. 
  • You are willing to travel within Europe for client projects.
  • You speak Polish and English fluently. German is beneficial, but not essential.

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Thinking bigger. Breaking through boundaries. At zeb, you have all the opportunities to do so.
zeb is one of the leading strategy, management and IT consultancies specializing in financial services in Europe. We support banks, insurance companies and (tech) service providers in dealing with all the challenges and opportunities arising from transformation in the industry. As an employer, we rely on people who like to try new things, take responsibility and inspire others through their actions
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Online application
Basically, it all begins with a look at our career website. So you’ve already started.
After you have uploaded all of your application documents via the portal, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt from us.
(Telephone) interview
If your application generally aligns with the advertised position, you will receive an e-mail from us, in which we try to arrange an appointment with you.
After the interviews, the interviewers exchange their views and make a decision. One of them will then give you feedback by phone within the next two weeks.
Contract offer
If you were able to convince the job interviewers, we will prepare a contract offer and you will have 14 days to review it. If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Signing the contract
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What makes zeb special?

Every individual is seen as a capable team member that can have a tangible impact from the start of their experience with the company.

Consulting | Senior Consultant
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

Relaxed, family-like, open and friendly.

Consulting | Senior Consultant
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

You work in Embedded Research. What does that mean in concrete terms?

On the one hand, we support client acquisitions and projects in the same way as classic consultants do; on the other hand, we are the zeb unit responsible for creating and further developing various market models and studies.

Embedded Research | Senior Consultant
Kollege Nikolas im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

What do you like most about your role in Embedded Research?

For me, the Embedded Research department combines the best of two worlds: client proximity and scientific work. I can assist in various client projects as part of a team while continuing my university-style way of working, since a large part of my everyday work revolves around developing models and studies.

Embedded Research | Consultant
Kollege Alexander mit Brille lächelt im Anzug in die Kamera

From your perspective, what is special about how we work together at zeb?

Your personality, your diversity of ideas and your commitment are considered an asset at zeb. Whether you are an intern, a junior consultant or an experienced mentor, communication takes place on a par, and you are always part of the project’s success.

Retail Banking | Consultant
Kollege von zeb im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

I really enjoy working work at zeb. The working atmosphere is a good mix of professional work for clients and open, friendly communication in the zeb team. As part of the application process, great importance is attached to finding people who fit in—and it really shows!

Consulting | Senior Consultant
Kollegin von zeb lächelt vor grünem Hintergrund seitlich in die Kamera

Were your expectations of the bachelor welcome program at zeb fulfilled?

My expectations of the program were met completely. During my time as an Analyst, I was able to gain valuable insights into everyday consulting work and knowledge of the banking industry. I was treated as a colleague from the very beginning and was quickly assigned responsibility. These experiences help me considerably during my Master’s studies.

Consulting | Former Analyst
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

Why did you decide to join zeb directly as an analyst?

My Bachelor’s degree was very theoretical, and I always wanted more practical relevance and career orientation. After my last exam it was immediately clear: first work, then study some more. The Analyst program offers an ideal link-up between a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as well as education and career.

Consulting | Former Analyst
Kollegin Mishale lächelt in die Kamera

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

Every day, I look forward to seeing the other staff members at the office. Moreover, I get to meet new colleagues on quite a regular basis. Communication between the different office locations and between the different career levels is absolutely hassle-free.

Financial Control & Strategic Planning | Senior Consultant
Kollege von zeb im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

What surprised you most about zeb?

The programming language Scala that we use in our project. Because I didn’t know it before. Scala is very much based on category-theoretical structures, which particularly appeals to me as a trained theoretical mathematician.

Software Solutions | Senior Consultant
Kollege von zeb im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

What do you like most about your role as a software developer?

I particularly enjoy the independent way of working and the variety of challenging technical and banking-related tasks. I also like the appreciative and collegial environment.

Software Solutions | Senior Consultant
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

What are your responsibilities in the corporate functions?

As a graphic designer in the Design team, I am responsible for a variety of tasks, such as creating animations and social media posts, designing the layout and coordinating the printing of studies, or planning and organizing photo shoots. Every day is a little different and often brings new challenges that require creative solutions.

Design & Languages | Senior Professional
Kollege von zeb im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

What was the most exciting task/project so far and why?

My current project. We are designing an application that evaluates the sustainability of commercial borrowers in the three dimensions of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).
I enjoy dealing with the topic of sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important. The same goes for the collaboration with colleagues (also external ones) and the client.

Software Solutions | Consultant
Kollege von zeb im Anzug schaut in die Kamera

What do you like most about your role as a cloud operations engineer?

The work in the SaaS team is incredibly varied! In addition to technical tasks and the optimization of the AWS Cloud, topics such as the design of processes and the expansion of our IT Ops are on the agenda, but also the need to acquire new knowledge and deal with the latest technologies. The system monitoring and problem analysis are hands-on and give you the possibility to implement your own ideas to automate the operation in a professional way and for the long term. I get to use modern DevOps tools and provide input for the further development of the infrastructure.

Cloud Operations Engineer | Senior Consultant
Kollege von zeb lächelt seitlich in die Kamera

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job in ORG/IT is that the work is very varied and each project brings its own challenges, which allows you to gather lots of insights and ensures that no two days are the same.

ORG/IT | Professional
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

What was the most exciting task in your internship?

My most exciting task during my internship at zeb was definitely the chance to go directly to an event and represent zeb there. I spent some really exciting days with great colleagues and was able to take a lot with me personally while networking.

Recruiting | Expert
Kollege von zeb schaut in die Kamera

What do you like most about the cooperation with zeb?

At zeb, I not only learned how to deal with lots of new technologies, but I also got the opportunity to grow in fields where I already felt confident. The team has extremely strong know-how, and thanks to the straightforward communication channels, all colleagues can benefit from it.

Software Development | Analyst
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

What do you like most about your job at zeb? 

Having studied German literature and linguistics, I didn’t originally have a background in business administration. But with the fantastic support of my colleagues at zeb, I have been able to familiarize myself with this field very quickly and can now do exactly what I enjoy, and that is working with texts.

Language Services | Senior Professional
Kollege von zeb im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

What makes zeb special?

Working culture at zeb is a unique mix of corporate professionalism and expertise combined with entrepreneurial spirit, agility and collaboration.

Consulting | Manager

What makes zeb special?

Every day I have the opportunity to learn from the best experts and get the latest insights.

Consulting |former intern
Kollegin von zeb lächelt in die Kamera

What do you particularly appreciate about your work at zeb?

Reasoning is key—it’s not about where you come from, what position you are in or what background you have!

Consulting | Senior Manager
Kollege Gabriel lächelt in die Kamera

What does a typical week look like for you?

Unlike in consulting, I hardly have to travel at all, which I really appreciate, since I have just moved to Münster and first want to settle down here. My tasks are highly varied, I work on larger projects such as designing a new pricing strategy for a bank, but also frequently on smaller market analyses or the further development of our market models.

Research | Student Assistant
Kollegin Antonie im schwarzen Rollkragenpullover lächelt in die Kamera

Why did you decide to work in Embedded Research?

Working with many different teams has shown me that no two days are ever the same in the Research department.

Embedded Research | Working Student
Kollege von zeb im Anzug lächelt in die Kamera

What did your typical week at zeb look like?

My week was a typical consultant week: packing my suitcase on Sunday evening, traveling to the client’s by train on Monday morning and working there until Thursday. On Thursday evening, I returned home and Friday was my office day

Consulting | former intern
Kollegin von zeb lächelt seitlich in die Kamera

What do you like most about your position at zeb?

I enjoy working in the zeb team, whether on projects or in topic development. I especially appreciate the friendly colleagues, the challenging tasks and the great events.

Consulting | Manager
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