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zeb is a strategy and management consultancy with a clear industry focus and a broad range of services. Our focus is the financial sector. At zeb you will work on innovative solutions for a wide range of consulting topics. 

If you are enthusiastic about the financial sector and want to contribute your curiosity and creativity, zeb is the right place for you. Learn more about your entry and career opportunities in our career model. 

Career model


As a Fellow, you will already gain consulting experience at zeb during your studies. You can do an internship in consulting or write your thesis together with us. Both provide you and us with a good basis for future cooperation.

  • Internship

zeb offers Master and Bachelor students a varied and exciting internship. You become part of a project team, learn from experts and work on relevant tasks, allowing you to gain deep insights into the work of a consultant at zeb.
You can find more information about your internship in consulting here.

  • Thesis

Combine theory and real-world experience in your thesis. You will have direct access to consulting experts who are well versed in your field. In addition, you can use research services and access the latest specialist articles, studies, standard works and an extensive database. Due to our high academic standards we can offer you the perfect sparring to help you successfully complete your studies.
You can find more information about your thesis in consulting here.


With a very good Bachelor’s degree, you can join us as an Analyst—in the zeb.bachelor.welcome program. It consists of one year of working as an Analyst and a one to two-year leave of absence to complete your Master’s degree (full-time). As an Analyst, you are part of a project team from day one, taking over work packages, receiving feedback and learning a lot. During the Master’s degree you will receive financial support. And after completing your Master’s degree you will be promoted to the position of Consultant. Throughout the program you can take advantage of our further education opportunities and will be part of the zeb network. 
You can find more information about the zeb.bachelor.welcome program here.


After completing a Master’s degree or a PhD, you can join zeb as a Consultant. You will be part of a project team from day one, taking over work packages, receiving feedback and learning a lot. You will research and analyze, develop concepts, accompany the implementation and support the project organization. Over time you will take on more and more responsibility. 
You can find more information about starting at zeb as a Consultant here.

Senior Consultant

If you have gained initial work experience in a consultancy or a financial services institution after completing your academic education, you can join zeb as a Senior Consultant. On client projects you will take on partial project responsibility. You will organize your subproject, lead the subproject team and be responsible for the results. You will constantly expand your methodical and professional know-how. This way you will support the development of innovative consulting products and solutions for our clients.


If, after completing your academic education, you have several years of project management experience in a management consultancy or financial institution, zeb offers you the opportunity to join as a Manager. In addition to your project management responsibility, you will be involved in preparing proposals and tenders. As an expert you will develop innovative consulting products and solutions for our clients. In addition, you will be a mentor (Career Development Counselor) for some colleagues, provide feedback and support in career development.  

Senior Manger

Consulting experts with deep roots in the financial industry and an excellent network, outstanding specialist expertise and experience in managing complex projects can join zeb as Senior Managers. Your responsibilities will include project management, interacting with clients and project acquisition, developing new services and the role of Career Development Counselor. 


All Partners at zeb are shareholders of zeb.rolfes.schierenbeck.associates GmbH.
If you would like to get to know our Partners better, please click here.

Further information

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You can learn about the opportunities we offer you during or after your studies here.

Campus Scout

If you would like to get an even more detailed impression of our company, get insights from our Campus Scouts. Our former analysts will answer your questions in a relaxed manner.

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Our FemaleExcellence@zeb campaign promotes diversity at zeb. Here you can find out what the campaign still stands for and what our consultants are organizing in this context.

Event at zeb

You are also welcome to come to one of our events before you apply. Take the opportunity to exchange ideas, network and learn. Follow this link to the events.

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You can find more testimonials and specialist topics in our blog. Drop by sometime.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our recruiting team. You can find the right contact person here.

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