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We think it’s time to start our “new normal”. This means, our recruiting processes will no longer be offered exclusively remotely, but also in hybrid form. From now on, you have the choice whether you want to conduct your interviews in (partial) presence at one of our zeb locations or virtually.

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Joining zeb after a bachelor´s degree

Getting started as an Analyst

Would you like to try your hand at practical work after your Bachelor’s degree? Then we have just the right offer for you! With our Bachelor Welcome Program*, you will gain one year of valuable professional experience in consulting before continuing with your Master’s degree. After graduation, a promotion to Consultant is waiting for you. Sounds exciting? It is.

*Due to legal reasons, the Bachelor welcome program can only be conducted in Germany and Austria at the moment.

What we offer

Bachelor Welcome Program

In the Bachelor Welcome Program, you can enter the professional world as an Analyst directly after completing your Bachelor’s degree. Gain one year of initial professional and project experience in consulting—from conceptual design to implementation.
Afterwards you will be granted a leave of absence for up to two years to complete your Master’s degree full-time or integrated into your career. You are completely free to choose your subject and university location—although there should be some link to zeb topics.
During your course of studies, you can benefit from our comprehensive range of seminars, personal mentoring and financial support. You will also have the option to continue working for us on a part-time basis or during semester breaks.
After successfully completing your Master’s degree, you re-join zeb and are promoted to Consultant.

Salary & annual leave

In return for your commitment we offer you a competitive salary and 28 days of annual leave in Germany. In addition, your Master’s degree is financially supported and you can continue to work with us on an hourly basis. At our other European locations the conditions may differ. 


Of course, life as an Analyst should not be all work and no play. Take advantage of the opportunity to mix and mingle with other analysts, master students and colleagues. Participate in events, experience our corporate culture during the Christmas party and the company-wide networking days at zeb.Uni, or use our inviting office spaces for a beer after work or a foosball match! Find out what other benefits you can expect as an Analyst.


What we expect

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people with excellent academic achievements, the courage to take on responsibility, who enjoy trying out new things and who inspire others through their actions. Have you already gained practical experience outside of your studies? So much the better.

  • You are team-oriented, communicative and responsible. 
  • You enjoy questioning the status quo as a team. 

  • Successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • First experience in consulting, in the financial sector or with a tech company through internships or vocational training. 
  • You are fluent in English, ideally German and the respective national language. 

Typical daily routine of an Analyst

In consulting, no day is like the other. If you want to get a first impression of your tasks and daily routines on a typical Office Friday as an Analyst, click through our photo gallery.  


Traveling to the office  
8.30 a.m.:
 This Friday, Marvin has decided to go in to the office. He wants to follow up on some things he didn’t quite finish during the project he returned from the night before. He also needs to talk to a few colleagues today. Because this works much better in person, Marvin knew that he didn’t want to work from home today.


Arranging meetings
8.45 a.m.: 
Once Marvin has arrived in the office, he looks for a comfortable workplace, fetches a coffee and looks in his calendar. He makes a few notes about important topics. Good preparation is everything.


Video conference
9.15 a.m.: 
Marvin’s first appointment today is a video conference with his project team. Using Skype, the whole team—which is currently spread across various zeb offices and home office locations—can get together virtually. Progress on the project is discussed and to-dos for the following week are determined.


Preparing a presentation
10.45 a.m.:
 Marvin has until noon to do work on a typical Consultant’s task—a PowerPoint presentation that needs to be finished. The storyline is already in place, but some analyses still have to be carried out. Marvin uses specific reports and analyzes the data with an Excel tool. He adds the results to his presentation. Luckily for him, PowerPoint provides Marvin with numerous tools that make it easier to present the results.


Lunch break
12.30 a.m.:
 Marvin decides to go to lunch with some colleagues. The small café right next to the office sells freshly brewed coffee and light snacks.


Phone call with the client
1.15 p.m.:
After the lunch break, one of the client’s staff members calls Marvin. An item on the current status report for the project needs to be clarified. 


Practice Group- Call
1.30 p.m.: 
The practice group that Marvin is assigned to is having one of its regular phone calls this afternoon. PG calls are usually on Fridays, as Consultants are no longer at the client’s premises at that point. Thematically, it is about news including current figures, PG-specific acquisition approaches as well as internal topic work and cooperation between practice groups.


Running a workshop
2.30 p.m.: To support zeb’s employer branding, Marvin joined his office’s graduate recruiting team. The team maintains contact with student groups and university chairs and organizes a wide range of events. This afternoon Marvin is running a workshop about agile methods and following a SCRUM approach together with an intern and another consultant. 


Travelling home
5.30 p.m.:
 It’s now the end of the working day for Marvin and he can ride his bike into a well-deserved weekend.


What surprised you most about zeb?

Although I had expected to be deployed on a range of different projects, I was still surprised by the diversity. Over the course of one year I dealt with so many different topics. For example, I was involved in everything from outsourcing to the agile transformation of a modern financial institution.


Charlotte | Consulting | Analyst

How did you become aware of zeb?

I noticed zeb at a Master’s degree fair where the zeb.bachelor welcome program was presented. Two things in particular appealed to me about the zeb program: being able to apply my practical knowledge of the banking industry in consulting and also receiving monthly financial support during my Master’s.

Charlotte | Consulting | Analyst

How would you describe the atmosphere at zeb?

I really enjoy working work at zeb. The working atmosphere is a good mix of professional work for clients and open, friendly communication in the zeb team. As part of the application process, great importance is attached to finding people who fit in—and it really shows!

Alexander | Consulting | former Analyst

How did you get your position at zeb?

I took an internship at zeb during my Bachelor’s studies and heard about the zeb.bachelor welcome program. Since I had had good experience in mixing theory and practice during my integrated degree program, I wanted to do the same in my Master’s degree. That’s why I decided on the program at zeb and would do so again in the blink of an eye!

Alexander | Consulting | former Analyst

Were your expectations of the Bachelor Welcome Program at zeb fulfilled?

My expectations of the program were met completely. During my time as an Analyst, I was able to gain valuable insights into everyday consulting work and knowledge of the banking industry. I was treated as a colleague from the very beginning and was quickly assigned responsibility. These experiences help me considerably during my Master’s studies.

Carolin | Consulting | former Analyst

Which hashtag would you use to describe your time as an Analyst at zeb? 

Many people have asked me: “How can you advise big banks straight after finishing your Bachelor’s degree?” As an Analyst I support more experienced consultants in their activities. In the process I came across completely new topics, tasks and terms. Things that at first overwhelmed me have often turned out to be challenges encouraging my own growth.

Carolin | Consulting | former Analyst

How did you get your position at zeb?

I joined zeb as an intern after my Bachelor’s degree. During my internship, I gained deep insights into the world of banking and consulting, and I really enjoyed the project work and team spirit that I experienced. I then applied for a follow-up position as an Analyst, and a few case studies and discussions later I was already on a new project—this time as an Analyst.

Jil | Consulting | Analyst

Which hashtag would you use to describe your time as an Analyst at zeb?

 Despite a heavy workload, our team keeps an excellent sense of humor, a creative work atmosphere and a relaxed way of interacting.

Jil | Consulting | Analyst

Further information

Do you want to know more? Take a look at the following pages and get to know us even better.


Campus Scout

 If you would like to get a better idea of our program, ask our Campus Scouts. Our former analysts will answer your questions without fuss.

zeb Bewerbungsgespräch / Ablauf Bewerbung / Bewerbungsprozess zeb Karriere
Application process

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Applying to zeb: Tips
Tips for your application

Here you can find first-hand tips for your application at zeb.  


You can work for us in many locations. Gain a first impression of our offices and see where you would feel comfortable here.

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Female Excellence

Our FemaleExcellence@zeb campaign promotes diversity at zeb. Here you can find out what the campaign still stands for and what our consultants are organizing in this context.

Career paths

You can find out here how our career paths in consulting look like.

Any questions?

Do you still have questions about becoming a consultant? Then please contact our recruiting team. You can find the right contact person here.

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